Galileo used 2 study

Galileo used 2 study in smal lamp.
Graham Bell used 2 study in
candle light.

Shakspeare used 2
study in street light. Mujhe ye
samajh nahi aata ke yeh sab Din
Mein Kya Karte the?

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Purchasing Power Of Burgers

Cologne, May 27 dpa - The U.S. dollar is undervalued against the Deutsch-mark based on how many "Big Mac" hamburger sandwiches the two currencies can purchase, said one of Germany's leading institutes.

The Institute of the German Economy (IW) in Cologne noted that the popular sandwich by the McDonald's restaurant chain is increasingly being used by economists around the world as a measure of currencies' relative purchasing power.

The institute said that currency exchange rates are often unreliable as an instrument to measure purchasing power. At the same time, "baskets" of products used to arrive at comparative purchasing power are complicated to compile.

A simple alternative, now that McDonald's has spread to virtually every country on earth, has become to look at what a Big Mac costs, the IW said.

"A particularly hungry American can buy five Big Macs for 11 dollars. If he exchanged the money into Deutsch-marks, his 18 marks in Germany can just barely obtain four Big Macs," the IW said.

Conclusion: based on the Big Mac index, the dollar is undervalued, the institute said.

Americans can get their best Big Mac buy these days in Moscow, where one sandwich costs only about 59 cents.

But Russians must "work nearly two days in order to afford this meaty capitalist achievement - longer than people in any other country", the IW said.

by (few years ago!)
1 tiger ny 1 sardar ko zoo me mar dia

1 tiger ny 1 sardar ko zoo me mar dia

1 bndy ne pucha tm ny sardar hi ko Q mara?

Tiger: dimag khraab kr dia tha, kb se keh rha tha

“inni wddi billi”

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
charsi and police

charsi qabristan mein charas pee ra tha .
POLICE:kya kar ry ho???
CHARSI:Abu ki dua.
POLICE:ye tow bachy ki qabar hy.
CHARSI:abu bachpan mein hi mar gaye thy

by sarmad abbas (few years ago!)
Bhains par baithe ek gujju

Bhains par baithe ek gujju ko Traffic Police ne roka
aur poocha: tumhara helmet kahan hai? Fine
Gujju replied: baawle dhyaan se dekh neeche! 4
wheeler hai.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Santa: Yaar Ye Autometacily Kya

Santa: Yaar Ye Autometacily Kya Hota Hai

Banta: Simple Yaar, Jab Koi Ganji Aurat Auto Me Baith K Jaye to Use bolte hai "Auto-Me-Takli"

by (few years ago!)
Freak people out

When I die, I want my friends to keep updating my status to freak people out

by Muhammad Zeeshan (few years ago!)
"She is Kidding"

Teacher: Translate into Urdu.

"She is Kidding"

Pathan: Woh Bachay Day Rahi Hai.

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
Todays Dinner Should Be Light

Sardarji Standing Below A Tube Light With A Open

WHY?Because His Doctor Advised Him “Todays Dinner Should Be Light”

by (few years ago!)

Hum jeete EK bar hai,
Marte EK bar hai,
Pyar EK bar hota hai,
Aur shaadi bhi EK hi bar hoti hai..

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Santa: Main ek baar jungle mein

Santa: Main ek baar jungle mein susu karne gaya toh waha per Sher tha.

Banta: Phir kya hua?

Santa: Maine Sher se kaha, “Pehle tum karlo, mera toh ho gaya hai.”

by (few years ago!)
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A Man asked Santa

Galileo used 2 study

Boy: Papa main

Santa ki shaadi ke 3 mahine

husband and wife

aik admi ki biwi

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