Responses Of Kiss

Responses Of Kiss;

American Girl
Kiss Me In front Of Everyone,

Indian Girl
Lets Go In The Corner And Kiss Me

Pakistani Girl: Jaldi Kro,
Light NA AAJAYE..;-)

by (few years ago!) / 334 views
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Tu derhti pe chahye jahan bhi rhe gi

Boy :tu dharti pe chahe jaha b rhegi tujhe teri
khusbu se Pehchan Lunga
Girl: Ma KASAM mujhe phle se hi shak tha k tu
sala"KUTTA" he

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
anso bhane se kya faida

Dil ko jlane se kya Faida anso Bhane Se kya Faida
Jb usne Hmen choor kr kisi aur ka Hath tham Lia
Ab uske chote bhai ko cheez dilane se kya

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
stupid Dhiir pit gaya punjabi bolne

stupid Dhiir pit gaya punjabi bolne k chakker main..
Papita wali se papite kharidne k liye bola.
ooi.. ik pappy-ta-dede..

by (few years ago!)
A lion to an old goat “hey you stop I will

'A lion to an old goat “hey you stop I will today drink your blood”. Goat “pleas....'

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Sardar Ji in Practical Exam

In bio practical:
Examiner: Tell me the name of this bird by seeing its legs only?
Sardar: I don't know.
Examiner: You r failed, what's your name?
Sardar: See my legs & tell my name

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Tumhara chehra chanda k

Tumhara chehra chanda k saman
tumahari ankh .kan. Naak sab
chandak saman or tumhe kya batye
chanda hamare bandar k nam

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Teacher . usne suicide ker li.

Teacher: Usne khud khushi kar li, usse khud khushi
karni padi, difference batao.
Student: Pehle wala padha likha berozgar tha,
doosra shaadi shuda tha.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
100 Battery Kharid Chuka Hu

Santa: Yaar Me Mobile Kharid Ke Barbaad Ho Gaya..

Banta: Kyon?
Santa: Baar Baar Kehta Hai Battery Lo Battry Lo
Abtak 100 Battery Kharid Chuka Hu

by (few years ago!)
Purchasing New Brains

A mid-level executive was so frustrated at being passed over for promotion year after year, that, in frustration, he went to a brain-transplant center in the hope of raising his I.Q. 20 points.

After a battery of physical and psychological tests, he was told by the center's director that he was an acceptable candidate.

"That's great!" the executive said. "But I understand that this procedure can be really expensive."

"Yes, sir, it can," the director replied. "An ounce of accountant's brain for example, costs one thousand dollars; an ounce of an economist's brain costs two thousand; an ounce of a corporate president's is forty-five thousand. An ounce of a Democrat's brain is seventy-five thousand dollars."

"Seventy-five thousand dollars for an ounce of a Democrat's brain? Why on earth is that?"

"Do you have any idea," the director asked, "how many Democrats we would have to kill?"

by (few years ago!)
hockey aur cricket

hockey aur cricket me kya fark hy ???

Hockey main Pakistan 1 ghantay main zalil hota hai

Jab ke

Cricket main 9 ghantay lag jate hain…

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
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