Me Ny Bohat Sary Paise Bachaye

Pathan Ka Bacha Khushi Khushi Bhagta Hua Aaya..

Pathan: Kiya Hua.??

Bacha: Baba Aaj Me Ny Bohat Sary Paise Bachaye..

Pathan: Wo Kese.??

Bacha: Mere Ek Daant Me Dard Tha,
Me Wo Nikalwany Dentist K Pass Gaya,
Us Ny Kaha: "Meri Fees 500 Rupay Hai,
Tum Chahy Ek Daant Nikalwao Ya Sary.."
Phir Baba Me Ne Rs.500 Me
Saary Daant Nikalwa Diye.. :-D

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Sheikh k kamre se cheuntiyan bahir ja rahi then

Sheikh k kamre se cheuntiyan bahir ja rahi then

Kahan ja rahi ho or kia le kar ja rahi ho?

ßhai bhooka marne se to behtar hai hijrat kr jain.

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
A punjabi women in London,

A punjabi women in London,

Telling 2 english doctor about her baby’s illness. . .

Doctor My baby is ill 1week da,

Na eat da na sleep da,

Bus weep da e weep da

by (few years ago!)
Did anyone lose money wrapped in

Sardarji to others:
Did anyone lose money wrapped in a rubber band?
One said, Yes I did
Sardar: Well, it's your lucky day,
I found the rubberband!

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Boss : Where were you born ?

Boss : Where were you born ?
sardar : Punjab.

Boss : which part ?

sardar : Kya which part ? Whole body born in punjab.

by (few years ago!)
Are the rivers

Are the rivers flowing up the mountain or down the mountain?

Is that the ocean? (Asked while on a field trip to Marine Lab Beach on Guam (a small island in the Pacific).

How can the river be flowing north? That's uphill!

How can mass wasting be an agent of landscape formation on the Moon? The Moon has no gravity!

How do I get water into this beaker?

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Lady Assistant

Lady Assistant:
Sir, Ap Ki Wife Ap Ko Phone Par Kiss
Karna Chahti Hain.

Msg Receive Kar Lo, Baad Mai Tum Se Lay Longa

by (few years ago!)
Techer Sardar Say

Techer Sardar Say: "Koi Aisa Jumla Banao Jis Mein
"Magar" 2 Dafa Istemaal Hua Ho
Sardar: "Wo Merey Aagey Chal Rahi Thi Aur Mein
Us Ke Magar Magar".

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
A couple Fighting on phone

A couple Fighting on phone Girl: I know u dont love me now :( you
love somebody else Boy: I also know dat u dont love me :(
Girl: I'm breaking up with you go to the
person whom you love :'( (Girl cuts the phone, and boy call her
again and at the same time girl call
hers) (The number you have dial is busy) (Girl calling him Boy picks her call) Girl: Who is the bitch you were
calling? :q Boy : it was you :P

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
getting bored

Getting Bored???

Need some fun in lyf???

Go to a stranger's Wedding and scream....

Don't marry....
I still love you....!!!'' :D :P ;)

LOL :D but Try this at your own risk :D hahaha

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
Budha Budhi Ki Kahani

Budha Budhi Ki Kahani

1 budha aya
7 me 1 budhiya ko laya

Hotel me ja k waiter ko bulaya
Dono ne apna-apna order mangaya

Pehle budhe ne khaya
budhiya ne pankha hilaya

Fir budhiya ne khaya
budhe ne pankha hilaya

Ye dekh k Waiter sharmaya or usne farmaya
Ai Laila Majnu k Maa Baap
Tum dono me itna pyar hai to khana 1 sath Q nhi khaya?

Is par
budhe ne farmaya
Beta tera sawal to nek hai

Par hmare pas Daanto ka set sirf ek hai:-D

by (few years ago!)
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