Me Ny Bohat Sary Paise Bachaye

Pathan Ka Bacha Khushi Khushi Bhagta Hua Aaya..

Pathan: Kiya Hua.??

Bacha: Baba Aaj Me Ny Bohat Sary Paise Bachaye..

Pathan: Wo Kese.??

Bacha: Mere Ek Daant Me Dard Tha,
Me Wo Nikalwany Dentist K Pass Gaya,
Us Ny Kaha: "Meri Fees 500 Rupay Hai,
Tum Chahy Ek Daant Nikalwao Ya Sary.."
Phir Baba Me Ne Rs.500 Me
Saary Daant Nikalwa Diye.. :-D

by (few months ago!) / 174 views
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Arz Kiya Hai

Arz Kiya Hai .....

KHUDA Kare Kisi Ko JUDAAI N'a Mile .....
... ... .
Wah Wah ......
KHUDA Kare Kisi Ko JUDAAI N'a Mile .....
Jo Ye Status Like Ne Kare Usey

by (few years ago!)
Drawing money from ATM

Santa was drawing money from ATM.
Banta, who was just behind him in
the line said: I’ve seen ur password. It’s ****.
Sant: U r wrong. It’s 1394.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Bittu Ki Mummy Se Padosan

Bittu Ki Mummy Se Padosan: Janti Ho, Kuch Log Mujhe Meri Beti Ki Saheli Maan Lete Hai.
Bittu: Aunty Kya Apki Beti Abhi Se Apki Umra Ki Lagti hai ?

by (few years ago!)
10 Pathan Aik Kashti Mai Sawar Thay

10 Pathan Aik Kashti Mai Sawar Thay K Achanak Kashti Ruk Gai
Aur Sab Doob Gae!

Pata Hai Kaise?
Pathan They Na Sab Dhakka Dene Utar Gaye

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!)
Pathan aur Passenger

Pessenger: Tumne Mere Jaib Me Hath Kyn Dala?

Pathan: Muje Machis Chahiye Thi

Pessenger: Tum Mujhse Mang Sakte The

Pathan: Hum Ajnabi Se Baat Nahi Karta

by (few years ago!)
Letter Urgent Dena he

“Srdar: Tum Bike Taiz Q chla Rhe ho?

Pthan: Ye Letter Urgent Dena he

Srdar: kahan?

Pthan: Addres Prhne ka Time Nhi he

Srdar: Ok Go Fast.

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
Blood Group

Doctor Says To Pathan:
Appka Aur Aapki Biwi Ka Blood Group Ek Hi Hai?
Hoga Zaror Hoga;
25 Saal Se Amara Koon Peeta Aay..!

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Cat Technical Support Problems

This is an actual account by a worker at a technical support and service center. One particular customer had an old console-type machine with a print head that would ride back and forth on a spiral shaft. They also had a big bushy cat who liked to sit on the edge of the printer next to the operator.

Well, one day we got a service call that said, "Cat caught in machine, come quick!"

When I arrived I saw everyone sitting around mending their various wounds, scratches and contusions. No sight of the cat. It appears that while they were running the machine the cat was twirling his tail in his usual fashion and stuck it down into the printer at the most inopportune time and got sucked in! Apparently, the cat absolutely freaked out and clawed at everyone who came close. They finally freed the cat, and to this day, the cat goes nowhere near the machine.

by (few years ago!)
if he could see her license.

A police officer stops a blonde for speeding and asks her very nicely

if he could see her license.
She replied in a huff, "I wish you guys would get your act together.

Just yesterday you take away my license and then today you expect me to show it to you!"

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
Sardar On Cycle

Sardar On Cycle
Hit Lady Accidently
Lady Says: Break Nahi Mar Sakta Tha Kya?

Sardar:Poori Cycle To Mar Di..
Abhi Break Kya Alag Se Maru?

by (few years ago!)
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