Gas Ho Gaye Hai

Patient: Doctor sahib mere pait

me bht gas ho gye hai

Doctor: Ahista bolo

Government ne sun liya to char

din ke liye bund ker denge. ;)

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!) / 287 views
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khush fehmi

Height Of Kush Fehmi..

A Man Marrying His Own Secretary
Thinking That She Will Still Follow
His Orders As Before...!! :D

by dracula (few years ago!)
Laloo's Son: Dad

Laloo's Son: Dad, how much does it cost to get married.

Funny Laloo: I never calculated, I am still paying for it.

by (few years ago!)
Bada Sa Gift Girlfriend Ke Liye

Santa Valentine Par Apne Dost Banta Se Puchhta Hai,

Santa: “Yaar Maine Apni Girl

Friend Ko Valentine’s Gift Dena Hai, Kya Doon?”

Banta: “Gold Ring De De”

Santa: “Koi Badi Cheez Bata”

Banta: “Fir M.R.F. Ka Tyre De De“

by (few years ago!)
Throw Out Mother-In-Law

Why Did Lady Throw Out Her Mother-In-Law?

Baba Ramdev (Yoga walay) Said:
"Apni Saas Ko Bahar Nikalo."

by (few years ago!)
Mai Samne Wali Building pr

Banta: Mai Samne Wali Building pr bina Hafe Chad skta hu

SANTA: Nhi Chad skte!

BANTA: Agar chad jau toh kya doge? SANTA: dhakka.!

by (few years ago!)
Chotoo, Motoo se: teri dukan pe

Chotoo, Motoo se: teri dukan pe mitthai rkhi hai tera dil isko khane ko nhi krta.

Motoo: Yar krta to bohat hai par papa marenge isliye chaat kar rakh deta hu:-p

by (few years ago!)
Husband to a newly wed wife

Husband to a newly wed wife!
I could go to the end of the world for you

Wife:Thanks,but promise me
you will stay there for the rest of your life

by (few years ago!)
Banti asked Ballu"I

Banti asked Ballu"I watch TV in my liesure time,what about you?"

Ballu simply replied""I watch TV when my wife and mother quarrel with each other"!!

by (few years ago!)
What happened

When you are in love
wonders happen
But once you get married
you wonder, what happened

by @irha@ (few years ago!)
Kal sham se koi aawaz to nahi aai.

Pathan: Kal subha mere abba KUNWAIN main gir gaye or zor zor se chillany lagy Bachao Bachao.

2nd Pathan: Ab kese hain?

1st: Theak he hongy, Kal sham se koi aawaz to nahi aai.

by Abdul Hannan (few years ago!)
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