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Wo aj bi sardi me mar rahi hai

aae dost

jise aik din me ne kaha tha k tum sweater k bagair katrina kaif lagti hu

by Sabir shah (few years ago!) / 451 views
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Yun to bahut se "LOG

Yun to bahut se "LOG" hai jo 14th Feb ko propose krte hai

Meri Maano to "1st April" ko propose kro

Man gayi to 'I LOVE YOU'
gussa kiya to

by (few years ago!)
Police wala apne SON se

Police wala apne SON se.

School se apka result acha nai aya

is liy tmhara kal se Khel & T.V band.

Son. Ye lo 50 ka note or mamla yehi rafa dafa kro

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Sardar khoti ko kiss ker rha tha

Sardar Khoti ko kiss ker raha tha.
BV dekh kar heran reh gai.
Wai tenu sharam ni aandi KANJRAA
Hun assi tere chakar vich purani yari te ni chad
sakday na.

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
MusiBaton Ka MuQaBLa

"MusiBaton Ka MuQaBLa SBar Sy Kro
NeMaTon Ki Hifazt Shukr Sy KrO'

Is sMs Ma PeHly Bv Ka ar BaaD Mein girl FrNd ka zikar ata HaI.

by Mazhar Khan (few years ago!)
SARDAR building se gir gea

SARDAR building se gir gea

Doctor said: He is dead

Sardar Hosh me aa k bola

My zinda wan

SARDANI boli: peya reh KANJRA Tenu doctor nalon botha pata ae:-

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Vasectomy Jokes

As I sit here I'm contemplating having a vasectomy, you know... the "removing" of your manhood. You know, it looks like a relatively simple procedure, heck I even asked if they had a do-it-yourself kit (true story). Afterall, $950 bucks for a 15 minute snip-snip is kinda excessive. At any rate, I won't be cutting on my balls anytime soon - but I do have some vasectomy jokes (more of a timeline of events) if you're in the same mood I am. We'll call him "Bill" and this is his story.
It's A Family Decision

VasectomyBill was at his family doctor for his annual physical exam. His doctor returned, filling out a bunch of stuff on his chart, and boasted "Your checkup went well, everything looks to be in order. Is there anything that you'd like to ask me?"

"Well," Bill mumbles, "Actually, I was thinking about getting a vasectomy."

"That's a pretty big decision. Have you talked this over with your family?"

"Yeah, and they're in favor 9 to 2."
Right After The Operation

Bill wakes up from a vasectomy and the doctor tells him he has good news and bad news. "The good news is we were able to save your testicles. The bad news is they're under your pillow."
What Really Happened To Bill

While doing the vasectomy, Bill's doctor slipped and cut off one of his testicles. In an effort to avoid a malpractice lawsuit, he replaced Bill's missing ball with an onion.

Two weeks later, Bill returned for a checkup. "How's your sex life?" the doc asked. "Pretty good, but I've had some strange side effects." "Like what?" the nervous doc asked anxiously. "Well, every time I pee my eyes water. When my wife gives me a blow job she gets heartburn. And every time I pass a hotdog stand, I get a hard-on."
Post-Op Final Check-Up

Six weeks after his vasectomy, Bill returns to his doctor for his scheduled semen test. The nurse hands him a little jar and points to a broom closet down the hall. After half an hour, he still hasn't come out - and a line is forming! So she puts her ear to the door to see if he is ok. All she can hear is lots of heavy breathing and grunting, so she goes back to her station and tells the other guys to wait their turn. Fifteen minutes later the guy finally comes out, red in the face and sweating. "I've tried everything," he says. "I've pulled it, I've twisted it, I've even pounded it on the sink, but I *still* can't open this damn jar!"

by (few years ago!)
“Why majority of South Indians are black”?

Teacher: “Why majority of South Indians are black”?

Santa: “Oh ji … becoz they always watch Sun tv, Surya tv… without applying Sun screen lotion”!!!

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
aaj keya pakaya hai?,

Shohar bivi se: aaj keya pakaya hai?,

bv: zeher,

shuhar: acha phir tum kha kar so jao, main der se aaon ga

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)

Question: What happened to the only man that finally figured women out? Answer: He died laughing.

by inayat khan (few years ago!)
Propose in New Style

Propose in New Style

Boy To Girl: “Main Aapse Frindship Karna Chahta Hoon”

Girl: “Par Meri Sagai Ho Gayi Hai”

Boy: “Fir Behan Ban Ke Apni Kisi Saheli Se Hi Setting Karva De.

by (few years ago!)
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