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Looking up websites on infertility, I found an address that sounded interesting. I clicked on the link and was taken to a site that said, “This page is under construction.”

I looked closer and saw in smaller print: “Check back in nine months and see what we’ve accomplished.”

I bookmarked the addresss and went back several months later. Posted was a full-page picture of a beautiful nine-pound baby girl.

by Mohammad Ali (few years ago!) / 331 views
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The polish student

A Polish student was in his college
campus bookstore.

Questioning the store clerk about a book for one of his classes, the clerk responded, "This book will do half the job for you."

"Good," the Polack replied, "I'll take two."

by (few years ago!)

1 pathan samose khol kar ander ka masala kha raha tha.
1 admi ne pocha pura kiun nahi khate?
pathan bola:baba doctor ne bahir ki cheez khane se mana kia hai

by Zia Rasool (few years ago!)
Tum Kiya Karo Ge?

Wife: Agar mai gum ho Jaon to Tum Kiya Karo Ge?

Husband: Mai Akhbar me Add Donga!

Wife: Kiya Add do ge? Husband: "JAHAN RAHO KHUSH RAHO!"

by (few years ago!)
Having problem

A teacher was having trouble teaching arithmetic
to one little boy. So she said, "if you reached in
your right pocket and found a nickel, and you
reached in your left pocket and found another one,
what would you have?" "Somebody else's pants."

by Tanveer Hussain (few years ago!)
3 Chehray

3 Chehray Insan ko kabhi nahi bhooltay..

Ek Mushkil mein sath dene wala,

Doosra Mushkil main sath chor janay wala,


jo mushkil mein na sath deta hy aur na sath chorta hy.. :)

by lescol (few years ago!)
Increase its size Stretch it

Increase its size Stretch it more Exercise it more Bigger the better B'coz nothin looks better on ur face than THAT NAUTY SMILE

by khalid hussain (few years ago!)
Have You Heard Of Dead Sea?

Santa: My Father Dug The Suez Canal

Banta: That’s Nothing
Have You Heard Of Dead Sea?

Santa: Yes, I Have

Banta: My Dad Killed It

by (few years ago!)
Ek admi ka hont jala hua tha

Ek admi ka hont jala hua tha.
Kisi ne pocha kese jala?
Admi bola:
wife maikay ja rahi thi.usko
chorrne station gaya tha khushi
main train ka Engine choom liye

by hearthackervsgirls (few years ago!)
Chor moti k hathe chara

1 moti aurat ne chor pakra aur os k opar beth gai aur nokar se boli police ko bula le aa

noker:meri chapal kahan hai?
Chor:abby meri pehan le jaldi ja yaaar

by Sabir shah (few years ago!)
Santa: Tere result da ki banya?

Santa: Tere result da ki banya?
Pappu: Miss kendi aey es class wich ik saal hor laggay ga?

Santa: Saal pavain 2,3 lag jawan par fail na hovin mera puttar.

by (few years ago!)
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