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I learned dat even

I learned dat even if u r right.....u can''t keep everybody happy....

and I learned dat it hurts when ur friends don''t trust u and accuse u of something which u never ever intended.....

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There wil cme a day

There wil cme a day in ur life,
dat u wil think u r alone,
u wil b hurt by ur admires,

u wil cry 4 me,

i shall nt hear u,
i shall b beyound the galaxies, out of ur reach,

i pray to GOD that such a day,should never cme in ur life,but im worried about my prayers,

bcoz most of my prayarsr un answerd

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One hurts you

One hurts you, so that you may find someone who can heal you.
If nobody is there to hurt u, u will never know d person who cares for U.

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" A Relation Is "

" A Relation Is "

When Sum1 Hurts U , U Don''t Hurt Back

When Sum1 Shouts At U , U Don''t Shout BAck


When Sum1 Needs U , U Always come Back

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The tree does not

The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter.

So forgive the one who hurt you.

They will realize ur worth one day

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Best Words In This

Best Words In This World



Most Hurtful Words r


Think About It . . . ! ! !

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Love . . . . . . Friends

Love . . . . . .

Friends . . . . . .

Care . . . . . .

[ These All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets Hurt. . . . .Then Its Hilarious ]

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There''s Mothers Day

There''s Mothers Day And Fathers Day.
There Are Anniversaries And Birthdays.
But There Are No Special Days To Thank Someone Or To Apologize To Anyone.
They Can Be Done Anytime, Anyday.
Today I Choose To Thank You For Everytime
You Made Me Smile, Laugh,
For Everytime You Helped,
Wiped A Tear. And I Apologize For Any Inconvenience I Caused,
For Every Time I Was Rude,
For Anything That Hurt You.
Thank You For Being A Great Part Of My Small Life:-)..

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Smile Whn In Leisure

Smile Whn In Leisure

Smile Whn In Pain

Smile Whn Troubles Pour Like Rain

Smile Whn Someone Hurts Ur Feelings


u Knw Smiling Alwayz
Start The Healing . . . :)

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Its Not About Control

Its Not About Control Its About Love
When A Woman Sees A Man Hurting, Struggling Or Overwhelmed

Her Goal Is To Help
Not Control
Let Her Give You A Helping Hand

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People Need To Be

People Need To Be.....

- Drunk To Talk;
- Forgetful To Forgive;
- Psychotic To Be Passionate;
- Hurt To Be Honest;
- Confused To Think;
- Crazy To Love.

Strange Indeed.

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A Face Can Speak

A Face Can Speak Thousand Emotions
But It Can Easily Mask What Heart
Truly Feels ... Don''t Be Fooled
By The Happiest Face . It May Be
Masking The Most Hurting Heart ...

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If U Depressed Confused

If U Depressed Confused Or Hurt
Dont Worry..

Go In front Of Mirror ,

U Vl Find D Best Person

Who Vl Solve All Ur Problems..!!

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I Want Go Back To That Time

I Want Go Back To
That Time

When ''''Getting High''''
Meant On ''''Swing''''

When ''''Mom'''' Was
The Only ''''Hero''''

When ''''Dad''s Shoulders''''
Were The ''''Highest Place''''
On Earth

When ''''Worst Enemies''''
Were Ur ''''Siblings''''

When The Only Thing
That Could ''''Hurt'''' U
Were ''''Skinned Knees''''

When The Only Things
''''Broken'''' Were Ur ''''Toys''''


When ''''Good Byes'''' Only
Meant ''''Till Tomorrow''''

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I Laugh I love I Hope

I Laugh , I love , I Hope
I Try , I Hurt , I Need ,
I Fear , I Cry & I Know
You Do The Same Things Too
We Are Really Not That

''''Me & You'''' (:

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