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love is a divine

love is a divine feeling....
But when u lost luv u r lost...
love is the strongest untagible thing..
A weapon that makes u strong n can hurt more than a bullet

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I Have Found

I Have Found
The Paradox


It Hurts ,

There Can Be
No More Hurts,

Only More
LOVE ... :)

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SuCcEsS hUrTs

SuCcEsS hUrTs
WhEn YoU dOn''T hAvE a LoVeD oNe To ShArE iT wItH...
BuT fAiLuRe AlSo LoOkS bEaUtIfUl
WhEn YoU hAvE a LoVeD oNe To HuG yOu... (:

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Great love quote

Great love quote:

BOY- Dear,

Why u always hurt me & break my heart?

Girk- I alwys use to break ur heart to just replace my heart there...

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The Person Wh

The Person Who Loves You Alot Will Always
Do Two Things Extremely For You:


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1 of d gr8 2

1 of d gr8 2 lines of Eng poem

"Ice melts when heated
Eyes melts when hurted".
So don''t hurt any1 who luvz u!!

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When someone really

When someone really likes you,
They will never hurt you!!
n If they do!
you can see it in their eyes that it hurts them too

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I am not pretty

Girl: I am not pretty.
Boy: No.
Girl:Do u want to live with me.
Girl:Will u cry if i leave u.
The got was hurted & started 2 cry.
The boy pulled her close and said: " ur not pretty
but beautiful, i dont want to live with
u but live for u, if u leave me
i wont cry but i die.......

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While Dad Was

While Dad Was Polishing His New Car,

His 4 Yr Old Son Picked Stone & Scratched Lines On The Side Of The Car.

In His Anger, Dad Took The Child''s Hand & Hit It Many Times, Not

Realizing He Was Using A Wrench.

At The Hospital, His Child Said "Dad When Will My Fingers Grow Back?"

Dad Was So Hurt.

He Went Back To Car And Kicked It A Lot Of Times.

Sitting Back He Looked At The Scratches, Child Wrote "I LOVE YOU DAD"

Anger And Love Has No Limits...

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My eyes are hurting

My eyes are hurting coz I can’t see u,
my arms r empty coz I can’t hold u,
my lips are cold coz I can’t kiss u
& my heart is breaking coz I’m not with u.

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Voice Of Heart Love

Voice Of Heart Love is the voice of heart,
it can never be broken but sometime
it hurt very badly when the love is too far from us
but it is not far from heart it is not far from eyes
every night it comes in dream the person can''t
explain the feelings when the person fall in love

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Yar jb teri life

Yar jb teri life me meri importance hi nhi rhi to seedhy se keh de k ab tumhe meri zrorat nhi
Mere jany ki khushiyan Q mana rhy ho?It hurts me


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In politics

In politics, your enemies can"t hurt you,
but your friends will kill you.

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Forget Who Hurt You

Forget Who Hurt You Yesterday,

But Don''t Forget Who

Loves You Tenderly Today.

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Love Can Make You

Love Can Make You Happy

But Often Times It Hurts,

But Love Is Only Special

When You Give It To Who Its Worth

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