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Be CareFul To

Be CareFul To Whom U Give Ur Heart Coz When U Give Ur Heart To Someone U r Not Only Giving The Right To Love U But Also The Power To Hurt U . .

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b careful when u

b careful when u give ur '' HEART '' to some 1 ,
bcoz when u give ur heart to some 1 ,
u r not only giving that person ,the right to '' LOVE '' U ,
but also a power to '' HURT '' U .

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Love comes to those

Love comes to those who still hope even though they''ve been disappointed; to those who still believe even though they''ve been betrayed; to those who still need love even though they''ve been hurt before

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Everything Has A

Everything Has A Time And Place

Over Time Things Must Change

And Like A River Life Goes On

I Used To Say Love Was A Mistake

But I Was Wrong

Love Is The Greatest Thing

It Can Hurt Like Hell

But It Can Feel Like Heaven

And No Matter What Happens

This Love Make Me Dance Patiently

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I cant help it

I cant help it,my heart beats faster,
my knees get weak,my stomach hurts
& I can hardly breathe!
ech & every moment feels brand new
In short,Im crazy 4U!

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I took All The Pain

I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .

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I took All The Pain

I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .

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What is Love

What is Love?
It’s silence when your words would hurt,
It’s patience when your neighbor’s curt,
It’s defense when the scandal flows,
It’s thoughtfulness for another’s woes,
It’s promptness when stern duty calls,
It’s courage when misfortune falls

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Love Comes to

Love Comes to Those Who,
Still Hope Although They''ve ,
Been Disappointed,
To Those Who Still Believe,
Although They''ve Been Betrayed,
To Those Who Still Love Although,
They''ve Been Hurt Before !

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Everything has

Everything has a time & place

Overtime things must change

And like a river life goes on

I used to say “LOVE” was a mistake

But I was wrong

LOVE is the greatest thing

It can hurt like HELL

But it can feel like HEAVEN

And No Matter What Happens

This LOVE make Me Dance patiently. . . .

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Love That We Can

Love That We Can Not Have
Is The One That Last Longest,
Hurts The Deepest
Feels The Strongest . . .

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Sometimez v put

Sometimez v put wallz around our heart...

not just 2 b safe from getting hurt...

but 2 find out who carez enough 2 break them down...

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until your car or home

--until your car or home is paid off
--until you get a new car or home
--until your kids leave the house
--until you go back to school
--until you lose ten pounds
--until you gain ten pounds
--until you finish school
--until you get a divorce
--until you get married
--until you have kids
--until you retire
--until summer
--until spring
--until winter
--until fall
--until you pass away...
There is no better time than right now to be happy.
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
So -- work like you don''t need money, Love like you''ve never been hurt, And dance like no one''s watching.
U live …u die …u learn something..

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love is like tug

love is like tug-of-war
it hurts so bad to hang on
but for some reason you just cant let go.

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Love that we cannot

Love that we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest,

hurts the deepest and feels the strongest.

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