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Nice Saying

Nice Saying
1-Us Se Dosti Na Karo Jise Khud Per Ghroor Ho

2-Maa Bap Ko Bura Mat Jano Chahy Lakh Un Ka Kasoor Ho

3-Bure Raste Pe Mat Jao Chahy Kitni Bhi Manzil Door Ho

4-Rah Chalte Ko Dil Mat Do Chahy Lakh Mooh Per Noor Ho

5-Pyar Ki Baat Wahan Karo Jahan Pyar Nibhane Ka Dastoor Ho.
Namaz Ki Pabandi Kro.

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Zindagi teri rah main

Zindagi teri rah main $hab-e-Arzo Teri Chah May
Jo ojar gaya wo ba$a nahi jo bichar gaya wo Mila Nahi
Jo dil-o-nazar ka $uroor tha meray paa$ reh kay bhi Door Tha
Wahi aik gulaab umeed ka meri $hakh-e- jaan Pay Khila Nahi

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Kuch door hamary

Kuch door hamary sath chalo hum dil ki kahani keh dein gein..

Samjhy na jissy tum aankhoon say wo baat zubani keh dein gein..

Pholoon ki tarha hontoon pay ek shogh tabasum nikhry ga..

Dhery say tumhary kanoon mien ek baat purani keh dein gein..

Izhar-e-wafa tum kya jano Iqrar-e-wafa tum kya jano.

Hum baat karien gein gharioon ki aur apni kahani keh dein gien..

Kuch door hamary sath chalo hum dil ki kahani keh dein gein..

Samjhy na jissy tum aankhoon say wo baat zubani keh dein gein......

514 chars (4 sms)

Un $e door jane ka

Un $e door jane ka irada na tha,
$ada $ath rehne ka bhi wada na tha,
woh yaad na karenge yeh jante they hun,
par itni jaldi bhool jaynge ANDAZA na tha...

156 chars (1 sms)

App Mujhay Aik jaga

App Mujhay
Aik jaga
Se bohat
Lagtay hain.?

Malooum hai kahan Se ?


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Bite the neck gently

Bite the neck gently,
Chew the breast softly,
Spread the legs slowly,
Suck the juice excitingly,
That is the way to eat Tandoori Chicken!!!!

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May the blessing

May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open
all the doors of success now and always. Eid Mubarik

120 chars (1 sms)

deepak mein aga

deepak mein agar noor na hota

tanha dil youn majboor na hota

mein app ko
kehne zaroor ata

agar app ka ghar itna door na hota

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Eid-ul-Fitar Is Upon US

Eid-ul-Fitar Is Upon Us
Once Again
Doors Open To Everyone
While Perfume Fills The Air
A Time To See The Ones
We Haven''t Seen For A While
With Labels That Have
A Space For All
Love, Hope , Dreams &
Accomplishments Are Shared
Being Thankful To
For All That Exist In Our Lives
Being Generous To The
Ones That Need It
Having Patience To
Withstand What Life Brings

... Eid Mubarak ...



430 chars (3 sms)

Jaanwar Kitne Saa

Jaanwar Kitne Saal K Ho to Us Ki Qurbani Jaiz Ho Gi?

>Ount (camel) 5 Saal K,
>Gaaye (cow) 2 Saal Ki,
>Bakra ya Bakri 1 Saal Ki
>Dunba ya Bhair K 6 Mahinea K Bacha Agar itna Bara Ho K Door Se Dikhne ME 1 Saal K Lage To Us Ki Qurbani Jaiz He.

(Durrea Mukhtar, Baharea Shari''at J/15, P/86)

309 chars (2 sms)

Today i pray that

Today i pray that:-
Happiness be at ur door
May it knock early
Stay late & leave the gift of Allah’s
Peace,love,joy & good health behind

shaban mubarak,eid mubarak,
ramadan mubarak,

May you remain happy all the time
Irrespective of any occasion

257 chars (2 sms)

O Bearer bring the

O Bearer, bring the wine that brings joy
To increase generosity, & let perfection buoy
Give me some, for I have lost my heart
Both traits from me have kept apart
Bring the wine whose reflection in the cup
Signals to all the kings whose times are up
Give me wine, and with the reed-flute I will sing
When was Jamshid, and when Kavoos was king
Bring me the elixir whose grace and alchemy
Bestows treasures, from bonds of time sets free
Give me so they''ll open the doors once again
Of long life and the bliss that will remain
Bearer give the wine that the Holy Grail
Will make claims of sight in the Void and thus fail
Give me so that I, with the help of the Grail
All secrets, like Jamshid, themselves avail
Speak of the tale of the wheel of fate

761 chars (5 sms)

Understanding where

Understanding where we went wrong

is the beginning to an end

I lost my ways in the cloudy night searching for

for that true love

Is true love! when you let you self

go to dark places you can come back

Empty lies trying to explain why

I ''m leaving you

Sorry love! is just too late

for you and I

finding the right words trying

to stop your tears from coming


I didn''t mean to hurt you but I don''t

love you anymore

I want to find that someone

that my heart will skip a beat

each time I look her

Seductive candlelight

of lust and passion are

at my door step

coming, undress me

and let me forget my pain

those are lost word

I can find to tell you

that I don''t love you anymore.......

763 chars (5 sms)



I treasure sweet old memories
As the time goes swiftly by
A few bring smiles of happiness
And some tears to the eye

They all r precious in their way
Reopening the door of old
That have been shut these many years
What pictures they unfold

These dear old, sweet old memories
All play their special part
In bringing joy and opening up
The latch strings of the heart ... (:->

414 chars (3 sms)


R: ROOT ofJOy!..
E: END of SoRROW!..
N: NAME of HOPE!..
dats YOU my FRIEND..

149 chars (1 sms)

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