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Always try to be more sensitive about peoples feelings. Because sometimes a tear means happiness and a smile means hurt..

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Dosti Imtehan Nahi Pyar Mangti Hai

Dosti Imtehan Nahi Pyar Mangti Hai, Nazar Sirf Aapka Deedar Mangti Hai, Zindgi Apne Liye To Kuch Bhi Nahi Lekin, Aap K Liye Duaen Hazar Mangti he. Happy brithday my sweet

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Every little smile can touch somebody's heart. May u find 100's of reasons to smile today! May u be the reason for someone else to smile! Good Day!

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No life ever grows great until it is focused, dedicated, and disciplined. But no life is ever happy until it is lived for the glory of God. Keep the faith.

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Republic Day SMS

Republic Day SMS

Republic Day is a good time

to examine who we are

and how we got here.


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No nation is perfect

"No nation is perfect,

it needs to be made perfect" ,

happy republic Day.

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Everyday is a happy

Everyday is a happy day

as long as you text me once a day.

I tell you, this is no lie.

A text from you always

makes me smile.

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Someday Somehow

Someday Somehow

Watever U Prayed For Will COME TRUE...

It May Not Be In The Exact

Pakage U Wanted...


It Will Be What GOD

Thinks Is Best For YOU...

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May the festival of

May the festival of Sankranti

bring joy and prosperity

in your life,

Happy Pongal!

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Pongal Day SMS

Pongal Day SMS

Brighten this season

with your smile...

spread cheer,

spread laughter.

Happy Pongal!

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thousands laid down

thousands laid down their lives

so that our country breath this day...

never forget their sacrifice..

Happy Republic day 26th Jan

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However d Yestrday

However d Yestrday
Sunny Or Stormy Or

Life Begins Each

Is d Open Door 2
A New World
New Vistas
New Aims
New Trying :)

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Kashmir Day

Kashmir Day

Wadi Ma Bichi Ha Saf_E_Matam Ab Tk

Zulm-O-Sitm-O-Choor Nhi Km Ab Tk

Uf Sbzah O Gul Ma Ya Lpakte Shulay

Kashmir Ki Jannat Ha Jahanum Ab Tk.

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This Morning I Got

This Morning I Got A Call From Heaven,

They Said They Were Missing An Angel...

But Don''t Worry,

I Won''t Tell Them U R Here...

Good Evning..

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BLood Of Kashmiries

BLood Of "Kashmiries"
is saying to you:

"In the time of crisis,
I was not hurt by the weapons of my ENEMIES,
by the silence of my FRIENDS!"

Let''s Think!

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