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Allah Says: Try to Walk on My Way

Allah Says.: Try to Walk on My Way, Ill Make all the Ways Easy for you. Try to Spend your Wealth in My Way, I ll Open Oceans of Treasure for you. Try to Leave your Wills for Me, I ll Make your Desired Destiny for you. Try to Bear Pain on My Way, I ll Open the Doors of My Care for you. Try to Believe in Me, I ll Make Sincere Friends for you. Try to Be Mine, I ll Make Everyone for you..! Jumma Mubarak Have A Good Day

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A Philosopher

A Philosopher has very nicely said . "Friend is like blood, though they are not seen in your skin but it comes out when you are wounded"

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khudi pe naaz hai

khudi pe naaz ha itna kbhi mur k nahin dekha jisy keh dun tu mera ha usy hona bhi parta ha

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Every King was once a crying baby and every great building was once a map. It's not important where u r TODAY, BUT where you will reach TOMORROW is important.

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Do not count what u have lost.

Do not count what u have lost. Just see what u have now, Because past never comes back But sometimes future can give U back ur lost things! good night.

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Faith makes every thing Possible in Life . And . Love makes everything beautiful around . I wish and Pray both remain in your life forever

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Language has a great impact: Those who speak rude, can't sell honey, but those who speak sweet can even sell chilies

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Be Positive

Hate has 4 letters' but so does love, Enemies has 7, but so does friends, Laying has 5, but so does truth, Hurt has 5, but so does heal, Negative has 8, but so does positive,,, Transform every negative energy into an aura of positivity.... It's your perception that makes the difference in the way you feel be happy and make others happy

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Do what you wish

You may do to me what ever you wish to me but you shall not be able to touch my truth, You may shed my blood and burn my body but you can't kill my spirit, You may tie my hands with chains and feet with shackles and put me in dark prison but you can't enslave my thinking, For it is as free as the breeze in the spacious sky (Khalil Jibran)

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If you would cure anger, Do not feed it. Say to yourself: ‘I used to be angry every day; Then every other day; Now only every third or fourth day. ‘When you reach thirty days offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving to the gods

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may Allah break the front teeth of those people

'My prayer for You: May Allah break the front teeth of those people who plot evil against you secretly, so that you know your enemies by their smiles...!!! :D ;)'

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Attitude Makes U Defer From Others

'The Main Difference Betweem Attitude And Ego Is That Attitude Makes U Defer From Others, While Ego Makes U Alone From Othersâ€'

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To be patient in the face of hardships

'Imam Ali Raza a.s. Said: "To be patient in the face of hardships is a virtue but to refrain from forbidden deeds is a greater one."'

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Allah ki rehmat pe...

Allah Ki Rehmat Pe Yaqeen Is Qadr Rkho K Ager Tumhe Malom Ho K Puri Dunya, Jahanum MEin Jay Gi Sawaye Aik K To Umeed Rakho Wo Tum Ho. “Hazrat ALI R.S”

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Learn from ur Mistakes

A Mistake Increase Your Experience And Experience Decreases Your Mistake. If You Learn From Your Mistakes, Then Other Will Learn From Your Success.

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