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Women have a passion for mathematics.

Women have a passion for mathematics.

They divide their age in half,
Double the price of their clothes,
Always add at least five years to the age of their best friend.... ;->

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Dis is a warning to

Dis is a warning to all those people who don''t Smoke..
One day, you''ll lose all ur friends,
They will all die
you''ll be left alone..
So, Start smoking... ;->

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Teacher: What''s The enifit Of Eating SPINACH . . . ???

Teacher: What''s The enifit Of Eating SPINACH . . . ???

Student: Eat SPINACH & U''ll Grow Up Big & Strong Like POPYE


U''ll Also End Up Wid A GirlFriend Like OLIVE . . . ;->. . ;->

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A Gud Frend Is One Who

A Gud Frend Is One Who Tell U To Study Well. . .


A Best Friend Is 1 Who Stands Outside The
Examination Room & Shouts

"Abay Kuch Aa Raha Hai Ya Aur Pharray Phainko''n " . . . ;->

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No1 can ever b satisfied wid 3 things in life:

No1 can ever b satisfied wid 3 things in life:



Bcoz dre is always a better model available in future. . . ;->

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I live by Faith,

I live by Faith, not by my sight.So whether i See u! or not,
Iknow U R still the same :)
A sweet old friend of mine....
With no chance of improvement! =)

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do u want a documentary proof ??
Ok,In future check out ur marriage album..U''ll find al frns behind u!

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Once upon a time,

Once upon a time, there were two friends ''JO'' ans ''SO''.both of them were dudes.
One day they decided to go to a jungle.
while going through jungle, A HUGE SNAKE COMES IN FRONT OF THEM!!

JO gets frightened , but SO dies!!


A: JO darr gaya..SO marr gaya

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Do Pal Ki Bhi Khushi Na Mili Tou Kia Hua

Do Pal Ki Bhi Khushi Na Mili Tou Kia Hua

Umar BhaGham K Sahare G Lainge

Kia Hua Jo Humari Girlfrend Nahi

Hum Aap KI Girl Friend K Sahare G Lainge ;->

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Yaad Kere Hain Tumhain Tanhai Main

Yaad Kere Hain Tumhain Tanhai Main

Dil Dooba Hai Ghamo''n Ki Tanhai Main

Humain Na Dhonndo Dunya Ki Parchai Main

Hum Milenge Tumhain Tumhari Girlfriend Ki Razai Main . . .

HaPpY WiNtEr. . .

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The Holy Passion Of Friendship Is Of,

The Holy Passion Of Friendship Is Of,
So Sweet & Steady & Loyal & Enduring
A Nature That It''ll Last Through A Whole LifeTime . . .

If Not Asked o Lend Money . . . ;->

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A Lover gives Love...

A Lover gives Love...

A Father gives Protection.. .

A Mother gives Life...

but A Real Friend gives

'' nice girls Cell No.''

That is frndship...

Now its a gud chance 2

prove your frnship.. ;)

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:#: A friend

:#: A friend

ll is like

( o ) a

( ? ) Guitaar








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Wife to her friend:

Wife to her friend: My hubby bought me a Mood ring the other day. When I''m in a gud mood, it turns Green & when Im in a bad mood, it leaves a red mark on his forehead!

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1 smile = 1 friendship

1 smile = 1 friendship
1 friendship = 1 love
1 love = 1 proposal
1 proposal = 1 marriage
And 1 marriage = THOUSANDS of problem.
so better think before you smile.

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