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I have committed a sin

I have committed a sin to make you sad, and am realizing that am very bad. so, plz forgive me to lessen the grief, your forgiveness will led to a relief. So plz forgive me.

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I am sorry

You Mean The World To Me, I Never WantTo Make Your Heart Hurt And I DidToday, I Am Sorry For The MistakeI Made, I Hope You Can Find A PlaceFor Forgiveness In Your Heart I WillDo Everything To Never Hurt You Again.

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ALLAH love you

Not matter where you have been, no matter what you have done, no matter how deep you have fallen; there is always forgiveness.

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Purify Mind and Soul

Meditation Purifies Mind,
Prayer Purifies Soul,
Charity Purifies Wealth,
Fasting Purifies Health,
Forgiveness Purifies Relations

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When it's not given in the right time

‘Forgiveness’ When it’s not given in the rite time or When it is not asked in the rite time, You will miss something PRECIOUS in your life

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Be holy

May u be lyk in peace and do the way Jesus wants u to be and pray to God and always read a bible every day in order to pray for the peace and forgiveness of our sins ,and we don't commit sins becouse our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. So lets not let Him down ,lets do what ever he wants us to do and praise him every in order to give Him glory and respect on Easter. Happy Easter day to all of you.

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Best Thing To Give

The Best Thing To Give . . . ! ! !

To Ur Enemy Is Forgiveness

To An Opponent Tolaerance

To A Friend Ur Heart

To Ur Child A Good Example

To A Father Difference

To Ur Mother, Conduct That Will Maker Her Proud Of U

To UrSelf Respect

And To All Men Charity . . .

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The recipe of

The recipe of friendship:, 1 cup of sharing.. 2 cups of caring.. 3 cups of forgiveness &hugs.. mixx all these together to make friends 4 ever..

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if u find faults in

if u find faults in any of his/her behaviour,

just ignore d faults n forgive dem.

Coz act of forgiveness is necessary

in true relationship

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what is forgiveness

When asked:
"what is forgiveness?"

A little girl gave this lovely reply:
"Its the sweet scent a flower gives after being crushed".

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Love is an act

Love is an act of endless forgiveness
A tender look which becomes a habit

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We are told that

We are told that people stay in love because of chemistry,
or because they remain intrigued with each other,
because of many kindnesses, because of luck.
But part of it has got to be forgiveness and gratefulness.“

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is the precious lubricant that keeps all our relationships smooth and friction-free

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I have commited

I have commited a sin to make you sad,
and am realising that am very bad,

so, plz forgive me to lessen the grief,
ur forgiveness will led to a relief,

So plz forgive me

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is the



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