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Wish you a very happy birthday

Wish you a very happy birthday May life lead you 2 great happiness success and hope that all your wishes comes true! enjoy your day.

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Happy returns of day

To. Wish u many many Happy returns of day, have a every enjoy full moment in ur life, have delightful every second of every minutes, enjoy a day with happiness best luck for ur brightness future. best wishes for ur enjoyable birthday..... $**@HaPpY BirtHdaY@**$

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There would be a great hustle bustle

There would be a great hustle bustle in your home of course today is the important for a great personality yes, I’m talking about you, my dear enjoy every single moment of today… Happy Birthday dear!

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*If You Are In Love:

*If You Are In Love:
-Get The Best Of It
-Forget The Bad Things
-Enjoy It 'coz Nothing Lasts Forever
*If You Just Broke Up:
-Never Cry! Remember That You Were Happy
-Never Stay Alone! Your Frinds Are
-Hug More People
-Stop Listening To Music! It Only
Make Things Worse.. *If You Are Single 'n Alone:
-Play, Play 'n Play! Noone Can
Blame You
-Enjoy Every Opportunity
-Never Stop Lookin For Someone..!

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best sms

Kisi ne kaha bachpan ek baar milta hai khoob khel kood karlo. Kahin se awaz aai jawani ek baar milti hy khoob enjoy karlo. Ksi ne kaha college life ek bar milti hy khoob masti karlo. Lakin kabhi kisi ne yeh kaha k ZINDAGI B 1 BAR MILTI HAI apny ALLAH ko Razi karlo

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Sunday means

Sunday means S= soEy raho U= utho dair se N= na kro koi kam D= dekhty raho tv A= aAram hi aram Y= yad karo sirf HUMÆ $o enjoy ur “$ÜÑDÄ¥”

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Just chill & enjoy make evry single moment of ur life a precious memory… // H@PPY BIRTH@Y //

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Hey Friends! Its a great fun to have new things. You also gonna have two new things. That’s a new month and a new Year too. Have great fun and enjoy the both. Happy New Month & New Year!

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Good morning

G-get up O-open ur eyes O-out of ur bed D-day has risen M-Mobile beeps O-One msg recieved R-Read&enjoy N-Never mind I-Its N-New way 2 wish u G-good morning

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Morning time

Morning Time a Cup of Hot Hello, A Plate of Crispy Wishes, A Spoon of Sweet Smile & A Slice of Great Sucs's. Only 4 U. Enjoy U'r day.

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Happy New Year

DOSTO naya sall end ho raha hai Naya sall aye ga Es old year ko sb bhool jaein gay Pr es sall mein mein ny ap k sath kuch bhi . . . . . . . . . i mean . . . . . . mera matlab hai . . . . . . . kuch bhi . . . enjoy nahi keya . . kuto,kamino. . . . hahaaa Happy New Year

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Smile, It Will Make You Look Better. Pray, It Will Keep You Strong. Love, It Will Make You Enjoy Life.

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If Time

If Time doesn't Wait for You, Don't Worry... Just Remove the Battery from the Clock 'n' Enjoy Life "wadey log" "uchiyan sochan" "ty puthay kam"...:-)

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Un K Ghar K Saamne Naach Naach Kar chapaL Tak Torr Di

Un K Ghar K Saamne Naach Naach Kar chapaL Tak Torr Di hum ne "Faraz":-( Zaalim enjoy KRNe K Baad Keh Gayi K! "Pappu Cant Dance.%-) sala.

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A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be? Answer Updated : She took a picture of him (shoots a picture.) Then she held the picture/film under water to develop. Finally she hung the picture to dry.

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