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Trust your heart

Trust your heart don't be afraid to reach out to something new.Go ahead get yor hopes up even if things TURNS out differently than you have imagined.You will have tried,you will have LEARNed,you never have to live with regrets.It seems to me what wears us down the most in life aren't the chances we take but the ones we don't take,the dreams we put aside,the adventure we push away.So what ever you want in life go for it an dalways remember no-matter what trust youer heart Good Luck

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50 years of love

50 years of love A toast to 50 years of love Happy anniversary to my one and only 50 years of special moments Wishing you the special moments this golden day can bring, and through the years ahead of you, the best of everything!!

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Every great man was once a crying baby Every great building was once a drawing on a map. Its not important what you are today, but the important thing is what you are going to be tomorrow :)

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Think Of Life

Think of life as a great road trip ... if you spend too much time looking back at where you've been, you'll miss what's ahead.....!!!!! d

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"Early In Da Morning Sun Rise

"Early In Da Morning Sun Rise With May Hopse But Its Set With Hopelessly. All Da Flowers Were Bloom This Evening With Pleasant Smell But Its Now Wither Awfully N Tonight All The Stars Came Out To Play A Signal But All Of Them Are Not Shining, Cos All They Nows My Friend Is Sick Wish U A Cure Soon And Healthy Days Ahead."

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When you look ahead to the

When you look ahead to the future or look back at how things used to be, don't forget to look beside you, because that's where you'll find me, loving you with all my heart. Happy Anniversary

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Sad And inspirational!!!

A boy & girl was on a bike at 80
km/hr speed.
girl said plzz slow down
he said hug me .girl huged
him & said now slow down
he said take off my
helmet & wear it on ur head.
she did so .
next day the boy died n the girl got minor damage
the boy knew that his bike brake failed so he wanted to save the girl
n wanted her to give him the last hug of his life. :(

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i am amazed how one person

In L () \/ E I am Amazed How One Person Can Trigger A Million Thoughts In Your Head . . . ? [=

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Think of life as a

Think of life as a great road trip ... if you spend too much time looking back at where you''ve been, you''ll miss what''s ahead.....!!!!!

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Those we Love

Those we Love,
Never go away,
They walk besides us everyday Unseen, Unhead,
Still Near,
Still Luved,
Still Mised,
Still Very Dear
Just lyk u..

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1.Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as everything depends on you.

2.To handle yourself use your mind & to handle others use your heart.

3.Don''t loose head in success and heart in failure.

4.Beauty and colour may attract the eye but character appeals to the "HEART

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If someone would

If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder n hold u close to me n answer with a smile:
''''Like this''''

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A man is the head

A man is the head of the family and
the wife is the neck.

The neck turns the head exactly the way it wants.

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Health Tips

< Health Tips >

1. Do Not Use Headphones/Earphone For Long Period Of Time.

2. Best Sleeping Time Is From 10pm at Night To 6am In The Morning.

3. Use Salads.

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Celebration MEANZ

Celebration MEANZ
Four Frndz
ßahar ßarsat
4 Glases Of Pepsi

Çelebration Meanz
100 Bucks Of Petrol
A Rusty Old Bike N Open Road

Celebrtn Means
Maggi N0dles
A Hostel R0om
4:25 A.M

Celebrtn Meanz
3 Old Frnds
3 Separate Cities
3 Coffee Mugs
1 Internet Messenger

Celebratn Meanz
Rain On A Hot Tin Ro0f
Pakoras Deep Frying
Neighbourz Droping In A Party

Celebrtn Meanz
U N M0m
A Summer Nite
A Bottle Of Coconut Oil N A Head Massage

U Can Spend 100s On Brithdays
1000 On Festivals
Lacs On Weddings
But To Celebrte All U Hv 2 Do Iz Spend Ur Time Wd Ur Loved Ones

Keep In T0uch Wd Those Who Care 4 Y0u

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