Zardari Buttering COAS

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The man in Dubai is very scared and now getting desperate. Though he has unlimited amount of money, he knows very well that after antagonizing the military of his homeland he would always have to look over his shoulder no matter where he hides. Besides the former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has tasted the power at the top when he was president. He knows he cannot attain that seat again but he wishes to enjoy that seat of ultimate pleasure through his son Bilawal. For that to happen, he needs to be in Pakistan to rally the Sindhi leadership around his son and to evoke sympathy in the name of his late wife Benazir Bhutto in Punjab. He cannot return for now because he insulted military and its leadership. 
Zardari Buttering COAS
They are waiting for him here passively with lots of cases and stuff. Uzair Baloch, the front target killer of Zardari and a gangster on his payroll has also spoken up providing irrefutable evidences against Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur. That is why Zardari is now trying to kowtow in front of army chief by asking him to not to retire on his time and just take extension. He is trying to be more loyal to the Shah than the Shah. Army chief knows too well about this. He might take extension but not on the desire of Zardari. Zardari might also be trying to preempt Nawaz Sharif who enjoys very cordial relationship with the army chief as both are working closely together without disturbing power equilibrium. Zardari (and of course Imran Khan) would love to see Raheel Sharif go out and would expect some Musharraf like general to come in and oust Nawaz.
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