Manzoor Kaka and Asif Zardari

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So who is Manzoor Kaka? The profile of Manzoor Kaka is very interesting and his photos with Zardari are circulating the social media.The recent outburst of Asif Ali Zardari came out when rangers raided the offices of building control authority in Karachi and it seemed that it was enough for the Zardari. With Bilawal and Bakhtawar on his flanks, Asif Ali Zardari again thundered against the military and its institutions. The visuals of Zardari flanked by his off-springs who were rubbing shoulders with the notorious corrupt former Prime Ministers Yousaf Raza and Raja Pervaiz were unimpressive. PPP has no political support at all as it goes out all guns blazing against the military. PML-N at the federal level and other parties at national and provincial level haven’t given any support to the PPP’s bitter stance against establishment. The central executive committee (CEC) of PPP also has ratified Zardari’s speech and has once again showed that they are rubber stamps.
Manzoor Kaka and Asif Zardari
Now the situation is that the solution of Karachi problem in the form of APEX committee in Karachi is no more because PPP has gone out. It has no role anymore. The reaction of PPP shows that for them protecting the criminals and land grabbers is more important. People like Muzzaffar Tappi and Manzoor Kaka are more important. Malik Riaz is also enjoying in the juicy china cutting in Karachi. Manzoor Qadir a.k.a Manzoor Kaka the DG of Sindh Building Control Authority is getting mentioned in national media a lot. He is said to be linked to terror financing in Karachi. Rs. 230 billions are being siphoned off in Karachi as per Ranger’s report. This terror financing gets its funds from land grabbing, extortion, corruption, target killings, smuggling of Iranian oil, and fisheries corruption in Karachi. Manzoor Kaka is close aide of Agha Siraj Durrani another high level leader of PPP and close confidante of Zardari. The brother of Manzoor Kaka is also security guard in Bilawal House. Manzoor Kaka is also involved in massive land grabbing in Karachi and enjoys PPP’s patronage. That is why Zardari is so livid and hitting out at the military.
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