Ayyan Will Join Zardari in Dubai After Bail

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The hot supermodel Ayyan Ali has broken the hearts of hundreds of policemen and jail officials in Adiala who were hoping to enjoy a colorful Eid within the premises as the glamor queen would be strolling and lounging among them. But to their dismay, the bulbul has been released. Former president Zardari who is also patron of Ayyan has played an instrumental role in her release after she was caught laundering his money. Ayyan has been provided first class VIP protocol within the jail and she has received plenty of media coverage too. Now the vultures of media want her to adorn their Eid show stage.
Ayyan Will Join Zardari in Dubai After Bail
But she wants out. A chartered plane of a close friend of Zardari is already standing at the Islamabad airport for the last two days which will take Ayyan to the safety of Dubai where Zardari is waiting desperately. Media has also lost a continuous spicy saga as Ayyan gets released. The fancy and revealing attires of Ayyan were hot topcs of news bulletins and talk shows. Now people are wondering is Ayyan allowed to leave Pakistan during her bail? Who needs Zamani when one has Ayyan?
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