Asif Ali Zardari Wants Friendship with Nawaz Sharif

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Zardari is depressed, anxious and desperate to return to Pakistan as he is missing the power he wielded over his party and the assets he amassed in every worthy corner of Pakistan. He has money to throw around in New York, Dubai and London but he hasn’t anyone to rule upon like he did from Bilawal House even during opposition. People often wonder why at all Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan when she could enjoy the looted money from Swiss Banks and why now Zardari wants to come back? It’s the intoxication of power they have become used to what pulls them back. They cannot have that luxury and sweet fruit abroad. That only happens in Pakistan. That is why Asif Ali Zardari these days trying to woo the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by targeting Imran Khan. He is cunning and knows that after suffering through the hands of Imran for a long time, Nawaz would certainly feel a soft corner for anyone who would target Imran. Interestingly what Zardari is saying is correct too.
Asif Ali Zardari Wants Friendship with Nawaz Sharif
His revelation that Imran is not a politician and the sit-in was to derail the democracy are nothing but truth. Former president and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has kind of tried to scare Nawaz Sharif that the proponents of sit-in are still alive and kicking and would jump at any chance to have another go at Nawaz regime. What he is saying to Nawaz that he is with him and if he allows him to return by talking to military then he would stand against Imran along with him. Right now Nawaz Sharif is too strong a Premier and he has ideal relationship with the army chief if not with whole military. Imran Khan has become too weak due to his own stubbornness and follies and has lost that appeal and charm to a considerable extent after dismal performance by his KPK government, failed marriage, and intra-party rifts. It seems Zardari would have to wait until he is allowed back by establishment.
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