Get Rid of Shahid Afridi and Others Now

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All this junk Misbah, Afridi, Shoaib of old years should be discarded to the bin as soon as possible. Instead of bringing in old relics like these in addition to Sami, PCB should halt playing Cricket and first initiate a drive within country to find some batting talent. And yes please don’t bring in again those tried and dusted idiots like Ahmed Shahzad and Akmal. This vicious cycle of Khurram Manzoors, Akmals, Sharjeels have cost us our sporting pride. Nation has lost interest in the only sport they loved. Rekindling it would take more than blabbing of Najam Sethi and slumber of Shaharyar Khan.
Get Rid of Afridi and Others Now
Asia Cup Twenty20 opener against India, Pakistani batsmen batted poorly and therefore the bowlers were unable to defend such a low total. In fact bowling was also average as we saw against minnows like UAE. What on Earth an old goat like Sami could possibly do now? And yes Afridi must go. If he doesn’t go by himself he must be kicked out. He has blocked the way of new talent for a long time now. He must be ousted. In fact they should confiscate his property and assets because he has looted this country a lot in these years. Javed Miandad has put it righly: “How can you have a player who is not reliable. Afridi lost his place in the side a long time ago. How you can expect to win or make your cricket better when a player who has stopped being a reliable performer is your captain.”
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