Shahid Afridi – Dark Chapter in Pakistani Cricket

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This ball chewing and conniving person has taken hostage Pakistani Cricket for a long time now. Since his arrival, never ever has he been considered a quality bowler or batsman. Heck, we are still not sure whether he is a batsman, bowler, all rounder or none of it. Thankfully, his career is ending now though being Afridi, he will try to stick to the team as long as possible. It’s time that Pakistan Cricket Board dismisses him ignominiously and just close all the doors. With his blind flukes, he sometimes scores some runs but then for the next 70 matches, he does nothing except disappointing.
Shahid Afridi – Dark Chapter in Pakistani Cricket
He has been instrumental in blocking the way of new and fresh talent in the team. His nepotim and friendships have cost Pakistan a lot. From Sohaib Maqsood to Anwar Ali, from Umar Gul to Akmals, from Sarfaraz to various others he has made sure to only include those in team who are Yes boys of him. Recent brief trip to New Zealand has exposed Afridi and his selection of team. Substandard batting, bowling, and fielding once again proved that Pakistani Cricket is going nowhere. When Pakistan was being skinned alive by Kiwis, just across the Tasman sea; India and Australia were showing the world what the quality of game is. Forget PSL or other fancy things. Just find some new talent and get rid of everyone in current team.
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