Imran Khan Disturbed Team in Kolkata Before Match said Shahid Afridi

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Instead of encouraging them and giving them some tips, it turned out that all Imran Khan did while meeting with the Pakistani cricket team was to do self-praise and ended up disturbing them mentally and psychologically. India media is reporting the inside story when Imran Khan came to meet the Pakistani team ahead of their critical match against India in the wake of World T20 match. Coach Waqar Younis wasn’t too sure that it was a good idea, but then PCB asked him to go ahead with it as they feared that barring Imran would have a backlash because his party would politicize the issue back home. So they told media that Imran wasn’t meeting the team as a politician but just as a former Cricketer who used to head the team in 1992 which won the cup.
Imran Khan Disturbed Team in Kolkata Before Match said Shahid Afridi
Back home, though, his party PTI was declaring before match that it was Imran Khan who won the world cup single-handedly and it will be Imran Khan whose tips will break the jinx of India beating Pakistan always in the world cup matches. PTI was saying that due to the Imran Khan’s presence and his tips, team Pakistan will defeat India resoundingly. As Imran Khan left the team wondering, their morale was confused and they were not sure what to think next as all Khan did was belittling them and praising himself and his days. Captain Shahid Afridi was heard saying that Khan disturbed the team and it was hard to them to focus now on the game as all they saw were their gaps and limitations. ICC should take notice of this and they should warn PCB for doing such thing again. Politicians must not be allowed near the team before matches and especially a politician who is controversial and once was a Cricketer who himself admitted in a channel about bookmaking.
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