Shahid Afridi Performance Problem

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Shahid Afridi has harmed Pakistani Cricket way more than he ever even thought of benefitting it. To date, we haven’t been able to decide whether he is a bowler or a batsman or an all-rounder or what else. Due to his good luck and Pakistan’s bad luck, there hasn’t been much competition for him. And whatever competition was there, Shahid Khan Afridi quashed it with politics within the team. From Mohammad Azhar to Abdul Razzaq, Afridi made sure that no body else stays in the team with some talent. He also made sure that no new talents slips into the team. He only let the people stay in team who were willing to become his side kick.
Afridi Performance Problem
Due to glamorization of the Cricket, limitations of PCB, sanctions on players, terror issues in Pakistan which resulted in cancellation of foreign tours; Shahid Afridi had a field day and he looted the country with both hands. Look at his average and look at the number of matches he has played. Look at his total runs in all formats of the game and look at his wickets and you would come to realize that he is a colossal failure and a con man. Now he has started bursting out on the media calling them mean and asking below belt questions. So whenever you would question the numbers, facts and figures of Afridi you are asking below belt and mean questions. Would Afridi dare to say that to any foreigner reporter?
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