Top 3 Failures of PML-N Government So Far

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It’s still new days for the government of PML-N in center and in Punjab, but it’s a tangled web. They practically are controlling the whole of Pakistan. To be fair to them, their true performance could be measured after 3 years, but we can taste the dish of their dispensation and management by looking at the past performance of last few months. There have been many good things happening in Pakistan under this regime, but then there are some not-so-good things too. If we start sorting their failures, then the following top 3 come to the mind:
Top 3 Failures of PML-N Government So Far
1) Load-Shedding: They have thoroughly managed to address this issue. They have done the efforts, but they have failed to do it properly and efficiently. They lack the direction, and we don’t know what their short term objectives are. They have started many power generation projects, but they are for long term, and there is no immediate relief in sight. That counts as the number one colossal failure of this new government.
2) Education: Nothing has been done whatsoever. The education minister Baligh-ur-Rehman himself look ignorant. Expecting him to improve things in education sector is hopeless. His appointment shows the non-seriousness of this government for this sector on which rests our future. Sadly enough I don’t see this in the priority list of this government and that is going to bite us in short term as well as in the long term.
3) Jobs: Where are jobs? There has been no focus on creating employment opportunities. I don’t see any new initiatives to open up business parks or attracting local or foreign companies to create new jobs. Electricity shortage are even eating up the existing meager job market. This is not only creating lots of dents in the already dying economy, it’s also increasing the crime rate in every city and town of the country.
There are many other things to mention but I guess above are top 3 places where government need to get its act together immediately and pronto. Already the opposition parties like PTI are sharpening their claws to attack. Establishment would also love to see Nawaz Sharif and his ministers licking the ground. It’s high time for this government.
Blog post Written by Dr. Hassan Isfahani and you can visit the original article at
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