Dishonest PTI in Talks with Government

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It’s simple. PTI is refusing to include their major allegations of systematic rigging as cornerstones for the judicial commission. Government is insisting that whatever Imran Khan has alleged about rigging in last year’s election should be included. PTI knows that they lied and that is why they are refusing to include that. PTI just want to portray irregularities in election as rigging. Irregularities like multiple stamps on same ballot, stamps on boundaries of ballots, unrecognizable ballots, discrepancies in forms fillings, and statements of Imran Khan of the last one year as proof. There is no doubt that these irregularities should be removed as much as possible, but that happens up to some extent in every country. Even in US discrepancy forced Al Gore loose to Bush and things haven’t been rosy in Indonesian and Japanese elections, but they moved on with it. In country like Pakistan where everything is broke and our future is uncertain, mere happening of a successful election is a miracle.
Dishonest PTI in Talks with Government
In a country where first time any democratic government completed its term and it transitioned to another is a blessing and a very good news. All the world neutral bodies acknowledged that there was no mass and systematic rigging last year. But Imran Khan’s ego and his master’s orders are creating chaos in country. Since this June, they have done everything negative in book to dislodge this government with full media backing but have failed. From bloodshed to attacking government buildings, from sit in to public gatherings, from strikes to anarchy, from civil disobedience to threats, they have done everything but failed. Now after failing in everything they are in talks with government and now avoiding to make their allegations official. They know that they will be exposed. They know that former chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, former army chief Kayani, Election Commission Fakhurddin G Ibrahim, GEO, all returning officers, and PML-N were not involved in some mega rigging. They know that they have no case. Its all about ego, stubbornness and greed of Imran Khan. That is why PTI wants to include just irregularities in framework of judicial commission to tie them up in something they didn’t do. PML-N must not succumb to their nefarious and baseless tactics.
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