Government Wins And PIA JAC Loses

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Government of Pakistan has established and has reaffirmed it’s writ. They have shown that that if government is solid, unwavering, upright and keep it’s ground; no striking hooligans can blackmail it or made it to kowtow. Government didn’t budge from it’s stance and PIA joint action committee had to call off the strike and resume the flight operations. They tried to save face by saying that they were doing it for safety of passengers and planes and to not to make passengers suffer anymore. That’s total eyewash because had they been so concerned about the planes and passengers, they would never go on strike. Now what about those 2 PIA employees who lost their lives during the strike?
Government Wins And PIA JAC Loses
Their lives have been sacrificed on the altar of Sohail Baloch’s failed strike. PIA JAC chairman Sohail Baloch must be lynched by his own PIA mob if they have any shame left. It is learned that when government didn’t budge for 2 weeks during strike of PIA JAC, at the end this Sohail Baloch and his cronies were literally begging government to give them something to save face so that they could return. Government has told them clearly that it will go on with it’s original plan and changes will be made in PIA no matter what. This is good news for the Pakistan and also for other ailing public sector outfits like Steel Mills, Railways, etc that they must get their act together as soon as possible. No strikes, blackmails or such negative tactics are going to save their free rides anymore.
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