Arshad Chaiwala Apologizes and Quits Showbiz

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Pakistan’s famous chaiwala, who achieved rose to fame overnight, has apologized his fans and has decided to bid farewell to the showbiz industry. Arshad Khan was recently seen in a photoshoot with Muskan Jay. He was seen hugging the actress which led to a debate among his fans and many also criticized him because in his earlier interviews he was quoted saying that he would only do respectable jobs.
Arshad Chaiwala Apologizes and Quits Showbiz
Talking to the Express Tribune, Arshad’s manager Abdullah said:
“Arshad’s appearance in a recent photo shoot and Muskan Jay song Beparwai did not go down well with his family and peers. Arshad is under concerted pressure to distance himself from the world of entertainment.” “Since Arshad has quit showbiz, he looks set to return to the Islamabad dhaba he used to work at prior to his tryst with fame.” “Arshad is open to pursuing a career in journalism as that is the only kind of entertainment-related job his family had no issue with.”
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