Humaira Arshad Scandal with Sakhi Sarwar and Husband Arshad Butt

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Humaira Arshad is one of the beautiful and middle aged woman who sings and also acts and famous for her private dance parties. She is also very popular among the producers and directors and has got deep links with the influential people especially the land grabbers of Lahore. That is why her husband Arshad Butt is scared and running for his life. So much is the terror of Lahore dancer girl that Arshad has gone to media. Speaking at a press conference at the Lahore Press Club, he warned that Humaira and producer Sakhi Sarwar would be responsible if any harm is done to him and his family.
Humaira Arshad Scandal with Sakhi Sarwar and Husband Arshad Butt
Arshad Butt has pleaded with the chief minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif to give him police protection as Humaira is a dangerous girl and could do anything to harm the Butt sahib. He literally wept in front of media and the hapless husband couldn’t control tears flowing down his cheeks. He also asked media to side with him and his son. These days the actresses, singers and other showbiz girls in Pakistan are in negative media limelight. First the Ayyan Ali got caught red-handed and now this Humaira is being accused of using coercive measures against her own husband. Media is very happy with these spicy news and they are chasing the girls to give them interviews in reply. Let’s see what  happens next with this spoiled love story.
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