Why Arshad Sharif is Against PTI

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World’s most easiest and well paid job is being an anchor in the Pakistani TV talk show. All you have to do is to flap your mouth without using any brain and knowledge. You can hurl any abuses  and allegations on anyone and nobody would ask you for any proof. You will get fat salary, unbelievable perks for you and your family, unlimited power and many more things. Police won’t dare to touch you no matter what you do. Judiciary would be terrified of you and no political leader is going to contradict you. Also if you get rating, you will certainly become stooge of establishment, otherwise you cannot survive.
Why Arshad Sharif is Against PTI
People wonder why anchorperson Arshad Sharif is against PTI ? Just few months back and especially during PTI’s sit-in he was part and parcel of the London Plan to dislodge PML-N government. He used to bring some documents in his program brandishing them in the programs. He spread so many rumors to incite violence as per part of ARY role. But now these days he has turned against the PTI and Imran Khan. People wonder why. Insiders say that he wanted exclusive control over Imran Khan but Imran was giving more importance to Kashif Abbasi. So in that jealousy Arshad has turned against them. PML-N shouldn’t get too excited about this about turn by Arshad, because these anchors are not loyal to anyone.
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