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Every Time i Try

Every Time i Try To Walk Away,

There''s Always Something that Remind me

i Should Stay

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"Effort Within The Mind


"Effort Within The Mind Further Limits The Mind,
Because Effort Implies Struggle Towards A Goal And When You Have A Goal, A Purpose, An End In View
You Have Placed A Limit On d Mind..."

~*~ Bruce Lee ~*~

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"T R U T H" Is Expressed

"T R U T H"
Is Expressed

Where As

"L I E"
Is Made ... :)

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Beautiful Quote By

Beautiful Quote By
Shakespeare ...

"L O V E" All

"T R U S T" A Few

DO " W R O N G" To
None ... (:

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A man is like a fractio

A man is like a fraction
whose numerator is
wh8 He is & whose
denominator is wh8 He
thinks of Himself.
Larger the denominator,
Smaller the fraction

-Leo Tolstoy-

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R e m e m b e r

R e m e m b e r

"...Always be good with
the good
Never be bad with the
You can''t wash blood
with blood..."

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When V r Angry

When V r Angry V Can
Change Decision But
Not Feelings
The Changed Decision
May Give Satisfaction
At That Time
But Later It Hurts Our
Feelings A Lot ...

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Opinions Are Li

Opinions Are Like
Wrist Watches !!
Everyone''s Watch
Shows Different Time
From Other ...
Everyone Believes
That Their Time Is
Accurate ... (;->

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-=- Beautiful Quote -=-

-=- Beautiful Quote -=-

" The Greatest Gift
You Can Give To Someone
Is The Purity Of Your
Attention ... " :)

~ Richard Moss ~

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A Quote Which Means a

A Quote Which Means a Lot..
"Be with SomeOne Who
Knows What They Have When They Have You..."

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Very true n pAinful quote

Very true n pAinful quote

"U ignore me in such An innocent wAy

,All i have is millions of questions 2 Ask

& u still dont hAve anythng to sAy"

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one of the sadest

one of the sadest fact of life
"its tough when someone special in your life starts to ignore you..but its even tougher to pretend that u dont mind.."

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Even my child too started 2
walk without any support.
but my wife still feels
2 hold my hand while walking..... :)

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Very touching line

Very touching line by Shakespeare from his novel,

" I am Mad for her...

but why I am not made for her....? "

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Beautiful Quote.

Beautiful Quote.

True Happiness Consist Not In The Multitude of Friends,


In The Worth And Choice.
I''m Glad I Choose YOU!!!

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