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Violence won’t solvq

Violence won’t solve a thing. It makes it more challenging to solve, though.

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Always try to put

Always try to put yourself in the

position of the other and judge

your action against the background.

Then you will not be wrong.

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To Die in Luv For

To Die in Luv For SumOne is Not THe Big Thing..To LivE in PaiN wiTh SmilE ForEver is The AchievemEnt.

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Never Believe

Never Believe

A Crying Woman


A Smiling Man ... ;->

~ Russian Saying ~

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Always Bear In Mind

Always Bear In Mind

That Your Own

Resolution To Succeed

Is More Important Than

Any One Thing ...

~ Abraham Lincoln ~

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Beautiful quoteq

Beautiful quote:

"If the loser keeps
his smile,

the winner will lose
the thrill of victory...!!!

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When Prepare To

When Prepare To
Travel Lay Out
All Your Clothes
All Your Money,
Half The Clothes
Twice The Money ...

[ Susan Heller ]

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Don''t Show So Much

"Don''t Show So Much
Of Care To Anyone


It Creates A
Non-Curable Pain
They Start Avoiding
You ......

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Life''s like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance,

you must keep moving..

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Discussion is the way

Discussion is the way for gaining knowledge"...

"Argument is the way for gaining enemies..."

-Robert Stille

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" S T R A N G E "

" S T R A N G E "

The First Symptom
In A Young Man Is
The First In A Woman Is,
It''s Boldness ...

~ Victor Hugo ~

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My Favourite Quote

My Favourite Quote

Happiness Is
Good Health
And A Bad

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"First We Make Our

"First We Make Our Attitude


Our Attitude Make Us..."

~.~ Denis Waitley ~.~

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An Amazing QuOte

An Amazing QuOte:

sOmetimes in LIFE its difficult tO decide whats wrOng!!

A LIE that brings a SMILE Or the TRUTH that brings a TEAR

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Keep Correcting you

Keep Correcting your Little Mistakes!.,

Because Nobody Slips down by Hills.,

But just Slips by Little Stones....

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