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"T o L o v e O n e s e l f

"T o
L o v e
O n e s e l f
I s
T h e
B e g i n n i n g
O f
L i f e - l o n g
R o m a n c e ..." (:

~ Oscar Wilde ~

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For every beauty

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it.
For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.

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Arrange these letters in 4 words eusomymosid?

Answer :

Do you miss me

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I Believe That

I Believe That
If You Show People
The Problems
You Show Them The
They Will Be Moved
To Act ...


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You are the one

You are the one
Who can better
handle your heart
that anyone else.
So don''t give it to
someone else and
complain that
"They Are Hurting It"

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SuNdAy''z SpEcIal

SuNdAy''z SpEcIal

||~ If You Don''t Get Everything You Want,
Think Of The Things
You Don''t Get That
You Don''t Want. ~||

( Oscar Wilde )

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The best thing which

The best thing which u can get from elders is there experience.

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Single person can

Single person can make the difference and enable the world to seems its prescence

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Fight from yourself

Fight from yourself every day to make your character more and more better.

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people who give

people who give importance to their happiness make other people unhappy from themselves.

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Affection Is Not

Affection Is Not
Measured When
Both Take Care Of
Each Other
It Is Measured
When One Ignores
And The Other Still
Continues To Care ...

~ Shakespeare ~

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I am not afraid of

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.
Alaxandar The Great

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"To Have A Failure

"To Have A Failure
In Life Is Not A Crime
To have A Low Aim
In Life Is A Crime ..."

~ Shakespeare ~

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Giving Your Son A

Giving Your Son A
Is Better Than Giving
One Thousand Pieces
Of Gold ...

~ Chinese Saying ~

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Some People Hear Their

Some People Hear Their
Own Inner Voices With
Great Clarity & They
Live By What They Hear
Such People Become
Crazy Or They Become
Legends ...

~ Alexander ~

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