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When The House Is

When The House Is Situated In An

Imbalance Place Then Why R U Praying

From God To Save It.How Can He Save It

U Have Already Been Destroy It

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~* A Great Feeling Quote *~

~* A Great Feeling Quote *~

S o m e

O f

U s

F e e l

T h e

R a i n ,

O t h e r s

J u s t

G e t

W e t

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QuOtE oF tHe DaY

QuOtE oF tHe DaY:

"Excellence Comes When The Performer Takes Pride In Doing His Best."

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QuOtE oF tHe DaY

QuOtE oF tHe DaY:

The Best Way To

Succeed In Life

Is To Act On The

Advice We

Give To Others.

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The Fragrance Of

"The Fragrance Of Flowers Spreads Only In The Direction Of The Wind.
But The Goodness Of A Person Spreads In All Directions".

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Lots Of Ppl Want

Lots Of Ppl Want To Ride Wid U In The Limo,

Bt Wat U Want Is Some1 Who Wil Take The

Bus With U Wen The Limo Breaks Down

By Oprah Winfrey

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Forget Who Hurt You

Forget Who Hurt You Yesterday,

But Don''t Forget Who

Loves You Tenderly Today.

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Love Can Make You

Love Can Make You Happy

But Often Times It Hurts,

But Love Is Only Special

When You Give It To Who Its Worth

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{¤ Quote ¤}

{¤ Quote ¤}
" Prayer Does Not Cause Faith To Work,
Faith Causes Prayer To Work. "

(Gloria Copeland)

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Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day!

Do Not Wait To Strike Till

The Iron Is Hot; But Make It Hot By Striking....!

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A good friend can

A good friend can tell you what is the matter with you in a minute. He may not seem such a good friend after telling

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You can make more

You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you

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We used to think

We used to think that if we knew one, we knew two, because one and one are two. We are finding that we must learn a great deal more about \''and\''.

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An Excellent Quote

An Excellent Quote:

I Believe In Love

At First Sight!!


I Have Loved My

Mother Ever

Since I Opened My Eyes...

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is the precious lubricant that keeps all our relationships smooth and friction-free

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