Hamid Mir: The Bait’s Fate

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Pretending to be on one side and serving the other, objective and impartial instance of assumed pause in overall stance subject to a disparage point of an ancient relic from china, work of Sun Tzu the art of war i.e. the espionage from inside during a war, its fishing alright but you aren’t the fish nor the fisherman, your plans, you schemes, holding a flag and serving another, is that about it? Immediate thought is a big NO, you must widen your gaze, because beneath your mask of logic there is a hint of fragility which worries me, steel your mind folks; or by the time you realize you made all of this possible, it will be the last sane thought in your heads.
Hamid Mir: The Bait’s Fate
The corner stone of the article, the “largest media group”,  the Hamid Meer fiasco and the counter intelligence agency , I’ll take it one at a time, first an official celestial statement of duplicity, pretense and trickery that let us all unanimously wish and pray that may Hamid Mir recuperate well from this, I say its two-faced because whenever such statement is made people tend to forget the fact that some of us wanted something to go down like this to the man, com’on guys let us be honest with ourselves at least, isn’t there whole bunch of people “thoughtful” enough to relate to the fact that what went down with Mr Mir is some sort of poetic justice? Yes there are and yes they do think and contemplate all of it in this way and you and me both know this, if this what we think of it then we should ashamed of ourselves, knocking on the rationale of the point of view of a man is something else and feeling good about seeing him getting hurt and watching him suffer is entirely cunning and reprehensible, I felt sorry for this, we can do better than this and we should, lets me clear the  slate and from bottom of my heart wish Mr Meer all the very best for his recovery and offer my heartfelt condolence to the family well Aamir Mir can be an exception, how much love has last among the brothers is not something we don’t  know, coming out on live TV and bashing a national institution no matter how controversial it may have been is without any shadow of the doubt Is sarcastic, irresponsible and rather unwise it took out the gas of the wave of empathy for his brother which was naturally clouding the details of the event and people were sympathies in general with the victim, Amir Mir turned it upside down for his brother, it was intentional, orchestrated or spontaneous one only can speculate on and on but time will reveal the truth, but it certainly made it look worse for the Mirs, Hamid Mir is a father and a son I have no disputes with him in his these role I disagree with him and his organization as an opinion maker, let’s keep it that way.
There few very interesting facts to look in which attributed to the escalation of the situation, one the screaming sensationalism triggered by Aamir Meer’s statement, “largest media group’s” stand of providing “platform” to the voice of victim’s family and later building an environment of absolute disorder against the army, then their rival media group turned to their own similar version of noise makers, where one of the guy was so smart that he was actually talking to an empty seat, he was being telepathic I guess, both form of reporting reflected the exact same decorative of reckless press, these are the two extreme nodes of a rope which is burning from middle sooner or later fire will catch the pullers at each end if not catered by proper means, Hamid Mir is certainly a notable figure in national and international media circuits he earned his place and one should respect it, but he is not larger than life, people comparing him with Zafar Ali Khan, Hasrat Mohani and all he is mistaken, having that been said if anyone who claims to have substantial proofs of him being treacherous than he should come up with a conclusion and provide the evidence and there is due process to go about things, this should proceed in a constitutional way, for both sides, low blows should be stopped.
Hamid Mir: The Bait’s Fate
Now about the role of “largest media group”, manner in which Mr Mir’s organization envision the state of Pakistan has distinguishable patterns, they have their ideas and motivations both on the basis of monitory and ideological ties and  nothing is random and impulsive about it, they have proven record of going after the symbolic national and Islamic school of thoughts residing inside or outside the government, in course of a decade they have “worked hard” to introduce and taught degenerates like us a few new dynamics, to make our daily lives “better” and somewhat strained to pushed the masses into a life style which they think is suitable for them, illusion of expensive routine, promotion of vivid vulgarity, open dialogue of taboos, no defined lines of criticism on national and governmental positions, bigger then everything the hoax of globalization, all of it is hard to swallow for a society which primarily runs on affection of local cultural, religious motivations and tribal norms which people vouch to hold dear, hence distrust of  the common people towards morality of it is understandable, common men have love and hate relationship with the network, essentially due to the transition state of the society which just recently got access to the open world through satellite television and world wide web.
One message should get clearly delivered to “largest media group”, in context of their ongoing “peace efforts” with India, beside all the great debates all the full page advertisement, all the special supplement and all the talks about “common heroes” one should get this absolutely straight Pakistan and Pakistanis will never be Indians, we will never bow to to it, everyone should understand this, we want peace and prosperity in the region, we want good relations with all our neighbors but what we do not want and what we cannot allow is submission, until dispute of Kashmir get resolved, until proxies supported and bloomed by Bharat which are continuingly fighting with state of Pakistan get stopped or terminated by force, until water terrorism gets capped or taken care by us by other means, until all the debts are settled, until all the dead are avenged, until the slates get clean, Aman ki Asha can go to hell, take my word for it.
Facts are too clear and simple but perhaps there is nothing more elusive than an obvious truth, “largest media group” must comprehend that there is a fine line between criticism and cunning cruelty based on ill will financed and channelized by enemies of Pakistan, they should know their place in the game which is no more than a pawn on a chest board full of rooks and bishops, they should keep their head straight and don’t try to bite what they can’t chew, they should certainly evade the attempts of crossing the line, you guys had all the say in major shots which were been taken lately, perhaps it made you arrogant your egos got better of you brains you ended up forgetting your place and decided to take on the most powerful institution of the state of course I have no doubt what so ever that strings were pulled from somewhere else but never the less you miscalculated the intensity of it, you surely did and now you are in deep with the big fish, normally when that happens it’s the fish which ends up on the top, you see you guys missed the fundamental idea of fishing, its either the fisherman who ends up getting what he wants or the fish either way fate of the bait remains extremely unfortunate, no matter how big it is. So beware when you hold a flag and serve another, be extremely cautious of your attempts to pave as every little fuss you make will be no more than an attempt of mud the water to either get out of the hook of fisherman or the jaws of the fish, I advise you must widen your gaze, because whatever you are up to it isn’t working as beneath your mask of logic there is a fatal sense of fragility that worries me, steel your mind folks; or by the time you realize you made all of what had happened with you possible, it will be the last sane thought in your heads.
Blog post Written by  Muhammad Ahsan Malick and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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