Hamid Mir and Musharraf ; Both in Karachi on Same Day But?

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If you want to learn who is actual ruler of Pakistan and who is actually safe in this country, all you need to know is how Musharraf and Hamid Mir ended up in Karachi yesterday. Just observe their journeys and the destinations on the same day in the same city, and you will understand who is who in Pakistan. Musharraf arrived in a chartered plane in the halo of thousands of security personal, dozens of doctors, and a huge entourage and reached his destination in Karachi safe and sound. Hamid Mir traveling with his driver arrived at hospital with three bullets in his body fighting for his life. Just forget all this mumbo jumbo about freedom of press, supremacy of democracy, civilian rule, ethics, rule of law, and other hollow notions. When it comes to Pakistani military and spy agencies, these notions mean zilch. They would punish anybody and everybody who would dare to challenge them.
Hamid Mir and Musharraf ; Both in Karachi on Same Day But?
Musharraf is their man. Musharraf is the murderer who ignited fire in every corner of the country. Musharraf even managed to get his own soldiers slaughtered in Kargil. But he is their man, one of them, and so they first saved him while keeping him in AFIC, and now they have packaged him to Shifa International in Karachi. They are even providing him space to enjoy his political party hobby. Atiqa Odho would have also easy access along with other butterflies. Hamid Mir, whose earlier plan was to go to Quetta, changed his plans at the last couple hours and instead came to Karachi. Even Karachi police wasn’t aware of his new plans. Either couple people in GEO Karachi office in admin were aware or the ones who tap phones of everybody. So if you are in uniform or have been in uniform you own the Pakistan and you are the chosen one. If not, well you are expendable.
Blog post Written by Ali Yar Khan and you can visit the original article at http://www.pkhope.com/
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