Have Nawaz and Military Struck a Deal on Musharraf?

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In retrospect, whenever Musharraf is scheduled to be presented in the court of Justice Faisal Arab; something sinister pops up from the agencies, and Musharraf then refuses to come to the courts. Sometimes this happens through the interior ministry, and sometimes without their help, but it seems that whatever happens, happens with the consent of both. From the discovery of flimsy bombs from the route to Chak Shahzad farmhouse of Musharraf to the Taseer-like Threat, and from the threat from terrorists to the health emergencies, both Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and ISI chief seems to be on the same page. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has always been an establishment pawn. People allege that Sheikh Rashid is the biggest, but the thing is that Sheikh is just a joker, whereas Nisar is serious pawn.
Have Nawaz and Military Struck a Deal on Musharraf?
After the coup of Nawaz Sharif government at the end of last century; almost every loyal PML-N leader was tortured, incarcerated, or exiled including the top honcho Nawaz Sharif himself. But Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, his assets and his family was never touched, and he was put under phoney house arrest, though he was free to move. Interestingly it was Nisar who forced Nawaz Sharif to appoint ‘ugly’ and ‘innocuous’ Pervaiz Musharraf, the COAS, out of turn. Anyway, now once again military is using their pawn to safe their chief. Nawaz is stuck as this time, which is has last time in the office by all means, he wants to write a history and wants to stay for five years. He wants a little bit revenge, and that is why Musharraf is still trapped in the AFIC. But Nawaz eyes are on the elimination of load-shedding, peace with the Taliban, and economic revival. Musharraf has been humiliated, and there is no support for him on the streets. Now everybody wants to get rid of him for good. So the only wait is to see the implementation of the deal in which Musharraf goes out, and Nawaz gets to talk with the Taliban, and rule.
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