Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Won’t be in Islamabad on Nov 2nd

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When you plan in haste, such things happen. First PTI decided to lock down Islamabad on 30th October and then learned that it would be Sunday so it would be already deserted. Now they gave date of Nov 2 and it turns out that their target won’t be there on that day or day after that. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be representing Pakistan in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s exceptionally-important meeting in the Kyrgyzstan capital, Bishkek, on November 2. Rashid Alimov, Secretary of the SCO who comes from Tajikistan, has confirmed from the Chinese capital that the meeting would take place on November 2 and it would continue for two days.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Won’t be in Islamabad on Nov 2nd
News pouring in from Islamabad is that this time PTI won’t extend its lockdown and sit-in. Rather they would be assaulting the capital and its building on first or second day. They would try to paralyse the government by breaking into the parliament, PM House, and other government buildings. Without PM being at home, this would be a futile exercise. Nawaz Sharif won’t resign and that is crystal clear. He won’t give extension to Raheel Sharif, and that is clear. He won’t handover keys of government to Imran Khan, and that is clear. What is not clear is that what will happen after such chaos in Islamabad?
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