Peace can only come from the heart not guns and bombs

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The Government of Pakistan has come to a consensus with the opposition to talk peace with the terrorists unconditionally.  What do the terrorist do in response; kill a two star Army General and proudly take responsibility of the attack that killed two more, an officer and a solider. This is the enemy that has killed over 40,000 innocent Pakistanis yet we want to talk peace with them… with what logic?  The enemy has already announced their demands.

Peace can only come from the heart not guns and bombs

Free their captured and arrested fellow killers, pull the army from the areas dominated by them, introduce their version of “sharia” in the country (we all know what that means) and give them a free hand to run the country as “democracy” is un-Islamic in their views.  Now what is there to talk about?  Term of surrender?  There should be NO talks with these butchers.  The KP government made a hoopla about the terrorists who freed kidnapped WAPDA workers as a pre talks, good will gesture, but now it is confirmed that a grand ransom amount of  25 million rupees was paid to buy the freedom of these WAPDA workers who were just doing their honest day’s work when kidnapped at gun point.

It is time for the parliament to pass new anti-terror laws for quick summery courts that can hand out sentences and execute these enemies of state.  Any political leaders who dears to even talk about any deals with these killers should stand trial as an enemy of the state!  If the politician an unable to do so anything and they do not have the balls to take on this enemy than the military should fuel up their attack helicopters arm them to the teeth and go for the kill.  The rat holes of the enemies should be bombarded till each and every terrorist is alienated.
This should not be the end.  Now comes the time to look deeply at the source of funding that is coming to these terrorists and stop them once and for all.  All madrasas (religious schools) should be absorbed into regular school.  No individuals or masjids should be allowed to run madrasas.  Hate crimes should not be tolerated on any level. This is the only way to bring about peace in Pakistan otherwise will keep on fighting this war without any end and keep on loosing innocent people along with our soldiers every day.
Blog post Written by Rizwan Nasar and You can visit the original article at
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