Exercise for Few Hours in Week Enhance Size of Heart

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The experts say that people should take exercise for few hours in a week and they can remain fit as the size of their heart will be normal and healthy. The size of the heart is increased but you do not consider it the heart disease because it means that your heart is getting strong. When the players and athletes runs, then the vulnerable veins of the heart open and the size is little bit increased. If common people take exercise for some hour during a week, then their heart is also starts growing.
Exercise for Few Hours in Week Enhance Size of Heart
The scientists of the Imperial College London conducted the scan test of about 1000 people, who have strong heart and after the survey, it was found that the people who took exercise, their heart is also increased with the same ratio. The people, who took exercise for five hours in a week, their heart is increased to 50%. They suggest that people should take exercise and jogging and the left ventricle has been increased and the people, who took exercise for five hours, the ration of the increase in size of heart is 4.4 times more. most of the people do not know how their heart has grown as it is grown by the healthy exercise but not due to any disease.
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