Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad left for a personal visit of Dubai, family to follow suit

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According to news reports, Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad has left for personal visit of Dubai. He has asked his family to join him there. He may leave for Singapore from Dubai. Rumours are rife that Ishratul Ibad has resigned from his post. Analysts are saying that this means that the ongoing operation in Karachi may get severe in days to come, and it may be a bad news for MQM. Mumtaz Bhutto, former chief of Sindh National Front, and now a leader of PML-N, is one of the top contenders for the post of Governor Sindh. However, PPP and MQM may oppose to his nomination due to his hardcore stand against both parties.
Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad left for a personal visit of Dubai, family to follow suit
Update: The status of Ishratul Ibad’s resignation is still unclear. According to Najam Sethi, Ishrat was forced by MQM chief Altaf Hussain to resign in order to exert pressure on PML-N government. So Ishratul Ibad went to Dubai and if he has to resign, he will tender his resignation without coming back to Karachi. Another source reports that MQM has proposed the name of Mustafa Kamal, former Karachi Nazim, as Ishratul Ibad’s replacement. However, PML-N is not buying it. PML-N, on the other hand, is considering Saleem Zia to nominate as Governor Sindh, if they have to bring their man in.
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