PML-N Should Use MQM, and then Discard

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I hope that Nawaz Sharif and his party PML-N has learned the vivid and chalking-on-the-wall lesson from history and know that they cannot trust MQM. MQM is a parasite who would always get attracted to the rule and power, as they cannot survive without it. I hope PML-N hasn’ t forgotten what Waseem Akhtar and Haider Abbass Rizvi said outside parliament house about mujras in every home of Punjab, about Mr. Bean a.k.a Chaudhry Nisar and hairs of Sharif brothers.
PML-N Should Use MQM, and then Discard
More important than the personal insults, MQM was part and parcel of the killings, looting, and destruction done during the previous era of PPP. PML-N needed MQM support for the presidential elections for gesture of federation, so no problem there. But if they proceed further than that, they will be ruined. MQM has been told by Ishaq Dar that there governor won’t be changed and in return, MQM has agreed to vote for PML-N. If that’s true that its very damaging. Ishrat ul Ebad has 22 murder cases against him, and there are eye witnesses for his involvement in Hakeem Saeed case, for which PML-N imposed governor raj in Karachi in late 90s. Ishrat still controls all the crimes in the city and is head of this mafia.
He must not only be replaced, but also must be arrested before he escapes to London. After the presidential elections, PML-N should hand over those two killers of Imran Farooq to Scotland Yard and also arrest Waseem Akhtar, Raza Haroon and Nasreen Jalik for being perpetrators of Wali Khan Babar murder. A full operation by military should be launched supported by speedy courts to wipe out MQM. If PML-N also becomes complacent like PPP, then they would also meet the same fate, because PTI is always there to replace all of them.
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