Why You Should Avoid Popping A Pimple

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Just think of it when you went to sleep your face was fresh with no sign of a pimple on it or around it. But when you got up the next morning to your horror. It was there occupying a part of your face and visble from afar. The first action that comes to mind is pop it out and get rid of it . This action however is not appropriate and by pricking the pimple the problem will not go away. In fact things might get worse and the skin could start looking spoilt. That means there is a need to know more about the adversities caused by pimple popping and how to enlighten yourself.
Here Is Why You Should Avoid Popping A Pimple
1. A scar will be left  behind
The absurd  thing about popping a pimple is that a scar will be there on the face. And normally such a scar has deep roots and it will take months to fade from visibility. So one way is not to touch the pimple and let it fade away on its own.An application can be used but do not opt for popping. This way you will be able to avoid the appearance of a nasty scar .
2. Infection could be the result
When a pimple is pricked the chances are that the bacteria will spread to the areas near a pimple. Pus released by the pimple will cause an infection and it could become a wound and attract unneeded bacteria which will compound the adverse affect. 
3. Inflammation will increase
When you are trying to pop a pimple, you are maltreating an already inflamed part of the skin. Any squeezing or force will cause damage to the skin tissues and  the inflammation will get even worse.
Here Is Why You Should Avoid Popping A Pimple
4. Scabs may become visible
Once you have popped the pimple a scab could develop and it cannot be hidden. 
5. Healing process is extended
As for the pimple ,the healing time is a week or just  a few days more. But if the popping is done especially the pimple which is not yet ready to be popped then there is far more extension in the healing time and the scar could remain in sight for a long long time. 
6. Removing pimples could lead to more pimples
The aim behind popping a pimple is to see that it goes away wheras you are asking for more trouble and even multiplication of the pimples.
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