How To Do A French Rope Braid

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Do you have long hairs? Do you feel any trouble in making the style of long hairs? There is no doubt about it that long hairs surely decreases the chances for the women to make their hairs decorate with different styles but now all such women need to stay sad any longer because we are all here we the method that would help the women to make French rope braid of their long hairs. Just follow these below mentioned steps and enjoy your stunning long hairs with French rope braid.

How To Do A French Rope Brai
How To Do A French Rope Braid
1. In the very first stage you are required to clean the hairs properly because it is much easy to make the French rope braid with smooth hairs.
2. Remove all the knots and hurdles in the hairs with the help of combing.
3. Now take the hair spray and apply it over the hairs. This will allow the hairs to get settle ay one place and hence it would allow the braiding to complete much quickly.
4. Now divide the hairs into two sections, Just make sure that the hairs have been divided into two equal parts.
5. Now take the hairs of left side and cross it on the middle section. Tight them firmly because the loose braiding will be the complete destruction for the hair style.
6. Now repeat the same procedure on the right side. Just make sure that the middle section should be flat with the hair surface.
7. You can even make the use of fingers to separate all the braids. Now take another left braid and repeat all the steps one more time.
8. Now once you have made the braid of all the hairs you can move at the ending point to tie up all the hairs.
Well in this way you are all set with the French rope braid. Follow all the steps carefully and we are sure that you will fall in love with your hairs.
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