How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle

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Since summer are coming up, we would like to make hairstyles which wrap our hair. We prefer buns over open hair. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle.
How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle
Following are the steps on How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle:
1) The first step is that you create a deep side part using the tail comb. Using tail comb is important.
2) The second step on How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle is make an inside out braid on the side which has less hair. And stop right behind your ear.
3) Once making the braid is done, clip it temporarily with a small claw clip and then scrunch a little mousse into the middle and ends of dryhair.
4) Then you have to take a blow dryer to it and dry it for few seconds. The heat will soften the mousse. The reason of doing this is; bobby pins won’t slip. Also heat-softened mousse still feels  light and provides the required extra hold.
5) The next step is separating the hair on the heavier side. Anything and everything in front of the ear stays out, and everything else goes back.
6) Now you have to make a bun, for that roll all of the hair in back until it starts to coil into a bun shape and let the hair out which fall out during this process. Also pin along your way with the help of large bobby pins.
7) Once you are done with the bun, go back to the braid side. Gently pull it apart to mess it up a little. Also pull some of the hair around your face to give it a softer look.
8) The wrap the tail of the braid around the bun and pin it under.
9) The last step on How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle is give a little bump on the heavier side with the flat iron. Remove the excess weight on the heavier side and take the pieces form down near the ear and twist them back and pin them into the bun.
How to Make Side Bun Braid Hairstyle:

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