Lips Care In Winter Season

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Here we will discuss important and simple tips for lips care  in winter season.In winter season, every person face different types of problems related to skin, hairs, hands and lips. In many cases, person gives special attention and care to his teeth but forget his lips. As a result, lips become dry and reduce its vitality. In winter season, every person knows that lips become dry.

 Lips Care In Winter Season

-The skin on lips lack oil glands hence they tend to get dry and cracked easily. You have to take special care of your lips to maintain its requisite moisture level.

-Always remove lipstick from lips before sleep and also apply some massage with a good quality of clarified butter.

 - Use good quality lip lotion and apply at regular intervals.
 Lips Care In Winter Season
-Never bite dry skin of on surface of your lips, instead try to soften them using lip lotions or lip balm.
-You should also have a healthy diet with good source of vitamin B. A good intake of vitamin B will nourish your lips and you will never face cracked lips.
-Dip a black tea bag in warm water and press it on lips for three to four minutes. This increases moisture level on skin of lips.
-Drink more water is not only for summers. You need an average amount of water in body in winters as well. So, to hydrate your skin in winters you need to drink enough amount of water. This will keep your lips better and your body as well.
-Use herbal moisturizing lotion on lips everyday.
-Use ghee or vaseline every night before going to bed time. You can also use beetroot or pineapple juice before bed to get natural pink lips.
-Butter can also be used to get more softness and to cure chapped lips as well as neem leaves juice is very helpful at controlling chapped and bleeding lips.
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