Eat Onion and Remain Healthy in Every Season

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Onion is widely used in our foods but it also has several benefits in everyday health for which most of us are unaware or we forget them.
Eat Onion and Remain Healthy in Every Season
Few such benefits are presented here below:
1) Apart from Vitamin C, the onion also has such natural chemicals that strengthen our immune system against diseases.
2) Chromium is a natural substance found in onion that helps to reduce sugar in blood.
3) The benefits of onion for reduces inflammation of cut is known for centuries.
4) Eating raw onion reduces harmful LDL cholesterol which helps to protect you from blood pressure and heart diseases.
5) There are claims of such substances in onion that play important role in protection against cancer.
6) The pain of bee sting is reduced by dropping onion juice on the affected area.
7) ‘Free radices’ cause aging and several diseases which can be reduced by onions while it is quire helpful for stomach ulcer.
8) The upper green part of green onion is full of Vitamin A. Its continuous consumption grows bones, protects from diseases and sharp eyesight.
Onion is available in every season but it should not be used in excessive amount.
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