Saudi Arabia Pakistani Labor and Indian Labor Face Huge Problems

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Labor from Pakistan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Myanmar and other developing countries have been laid off for some months. Some are working without salaries for many months. These people are suffering as the economy is worsening in Saudi Arabia. Labor in Saudi Arabia who are without money are forced to sift through garbage to find food. They are begging on the roads and in the markets to get some money to buy food or clothes. Many Filipino workers have been found killing stray dogs and cats and cooking them for food as they have no other options.
Saudi Arabia Pakistani Labor and Indian Labor Face Huge Problems
Pakistani and Indian labor is also in dire state. Pakistani labor and Indian Muslim labor in Saudi Arabia are taking refuge in Mosques and many are sleeping under the sky as they have no money to pay rent. These people even don’t have money to buy a return ticket back home. Saudi authorities are also trying to help out but the companies are not paying their labor. Pakistani foreign ministry has also reached out to the concerned authorities in Riyadh. The Pakistan embassy had set up special centres and a fund to provide aid, food, medicine and shelter. Labor is not accepting the return home option as they first want to get their dues. Things are not rosy at all in Saudi Arabia, especially for the manual labor.
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