The advantages of dark skin and how to create the perfect makeup for it

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One thing which we should be careful while we are doing makeup is to pay close attention to our Skin Tone. Every color does not go with every skin tone. It is important that you apply only those colors which go with your skin tone.  Different skin tones requires different approach towards makeup. All though many believe that having fair skin means you can do any type of make, but the reality if quite the opposite, experts say that dark skin is more resilient and therefore more susceptible to makeup. Due to the presence of higher content of pigments, dark skin is able to better resist the elements. And in today’s makeup tips article we will tell you about the advantages of dark skin and how to create the prefect makeup for it. So, what if you have a dark complexion, you can also use this complexion to your advantage. The purpose of his article is to help you determine what type of makeup will enhance your dark skin tone.
The advantages of dark skin and how to create the perfect makeup for it
Following are some of the tips which will tell you about the advantages of dark skin and how to create the perfect makeup for it.
The most important thing while doing makeup is the Foundation. Your over all look of makeup depends on your foundation. It is important that you choose foundation with care, because applying the wrong type of foundation will add a negative effect to you overall makeup. To avoid having the opposite effect, the color of your foundation needs to be one tone darker than your complexion.
Eyes are another important factor while doing makeup. If you haven’t made the right shape or applied the right color, your makeup might lead to a disaster. And in case of dark skin you can confidently apply dark blue grey, black and brown shades, these shades will enhance your color tone. These dark colors will compliment your complexion. And in case you are planning to go out and party in the evening you can always add a little bit of shiner to your eye makeup.
Now what shades are best for lips in case of dark skin. Dark skin looks really good with brown or strawberry colored lips. Beside these other good colors for lipstick are : Chocolate, gold, pale pink and beige.
Blush On
The last touch of your makeup is the blush on. Blush on adds color to the over all effect of your makeup. Wrong type of blush on will result is a zombie type looks, and right type of blush can add a feel of freshness to your skin. So, you need to be very careful while selecting blush on’s. You should not go for peach colors as they really don’t work well with dark skin. The best shade for blush on for dark skin are oranges, corals, and pinks. They enhance your dark skin, making you look pretty and perfect.
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