How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup On Brown Skin

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We grew up watching the fashion divas on TV with their flawless skin, those die-for locks, lustrous lips and yes, PERFECT makeup. They made us pretty insecure about our own looks, to be honest. But behind all those perfect faces is the person to whom they owe their ‘pretty-ness’. You guessed right, the makeup artist. The person who can make u look like a Greek goddess, with the power of makeup. But what we forget is that they’re professionals who had a lot of practice doing what they do. So neglecting that, we think that by just watching a tutorial we can do a makeup like them. Well, guess what, we can’t. We tried that makeup look and… ended up with a disaster. Looking like some metallic band member with those matted black eye-lids, haywire liners, goopy mascara, and awfully blended powders we were nowhere close to those oh-so-gorgeous-looks. In a makeup look, the eye makeup is what can make or break a look. Perfectly made up eyes can grab attention of any onlooker with Smokey eye makeup being favorite of all time for parties, wedding or formal dinners.
How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup On Brown Skin
Here are some tips to get your Smokey eye makeup game strong :
1. Get all the essentials: This means the perfect tools. The brushes. The shadows, preferably two colors. Yes, for better Smokey eyes you need better brushes.
2. Know your eye shape: This is important. Smokey eye makeup is all about creating a dramatic look for eyes. Watch YouTube tutorials to know your eye shape. Or google it. You can find mostly a tutorial for every kind of eye shape.
3. Know your skin color: South Asian girls tend to have skin color that ranges from fair to tan to light brown to dark brown. Mostly brown and dark brown colors are common. Skin color is very important. Smokey eye creates a look that is both fierce and dramatic. And yes it does depend upon skin color.
4. Use a primer or a moisturizer: So that the makeup stays on for longer and the shades smudges easily.
5. Use kohl: liners are good too, but kohl works best as it is dark and smudges easily and naturally.
6. The essentials: This includes mascara on both upper and lower lids, liner lining the bottom waterline and a soft black liner on upper lids.
7. Smokey does NOT always mean black: No! It does not. But it looks better on brown skin. You can experiment with dark brown shades, bronze or dark blue or green blended with black to create that hot look.
8. Stick to mattes (IMPORTANT):  Because Smokey eye create look with enough drama and glamour, no need to add shimmer too. Just use mattes in varying shades of bronze. Golden, brown, hazel, caramel color, with a classy blackish finish.
9. Lip color: Since you already created drama atop your eye lids, choose a light lip color so as to let the eye makeup speak for itself. For basic black Smokey eyes use light pink or light orange GLOSSY color. Yes glossy, not matte. For colored eye shadow, go for nude colors as they can exaggerate your look in seconds. Do NOT use dark colors on your lips as  it may divert you’re the attention from eyes.
10. Use a brow pencil: Period! Shape or fill in your eye brows to get that elegant and sophisticated look. To tame wild eyebrows, use a clean mascara stick VERY lightly sprayed with hair spray.
11. Hair game: Updos are always a classy choice. Leaving your hair open or making intricate and complex hairstyles might steal away the limelight from the eyes. Make a simple knot on top of your head, or go for a loose side braid but keep a few strands out to frame your face.
12. Confidence is the key: Yes ladies. You worked so hard for that look. Now own it. 
So, here we have provided the dos and don’ts for your Smokey eyes, This Surely here is your friend for the Smokey eye make-up for the brown skin. So, all the brown girls try it on and hold the glam-hit you wish for.
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